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  • Your shoe is the lack of such a pair of shoes

    Women's shoes, women's daily dress is now an indispensable one. Every woman wants to have a pair of shoes of their own. Beautiful shoes do not fit your pain, bleeding. Only for their feet shoes will not let nike shoes men the feet bleeding. Comfort is the most important. Woman nike factory store with the relationship between shoes, very subtle. Every woman wants to have a pair of shoes of their own. Moreover, the choice of a pair of good quality shoes on the healthy development of the body and mind to promote the role. Women's shoes is nowadays women's daily dress with an indispensable one. Hot season, skirt beauty clothes, will naturally make you out of color, but if you wear a pair of inappropriate nike sale shoes, will make your charm greatly reduced. Some people say: see a woman is not beautiful, watching clothes; and look at a woman is not refined, it depends on shoes. Shoes is to be the occasion you know? Shoes is not only our daily accessories, but also reflects a person's taste. nike running shoes In different occasions to choose a different shoes, and the overall dress coordination, so you do the protagonist of the summer. High heels to extend the legs, so that a woman's feet like a ballet dancer was pulled into an arc.

    Do not need to explain the chest, buttocks, pull thin, elongated nonsense, for each woman, the pedal on the high heels that moment, you can immediately feel the changes in the gas field! Even the poor Cinderella have a pair of thin high-heeled crystal shoes, even the proud Madonna will wear 7-inch high heels on stage dance In conclusion, nothing more than high heels, so that women really appreciate the noble, proud, confident. Design highlights is definitely a woman's life is difficult to resist the temptation, flat design comfortable natural, soft and affinity soles, to wear easy fatigue, daily travel essential. Using the first layer of wild boar skin, clear pores and lines to make it more breathable performance, soft leather with a little tough, greatly improving the service life. Unique design concept, the new design areas, Jane Europe style of diamond accessories, handmade products produced fine, the table as a genuine, beautiful appearance worthy of choice.

    Temperament queen of the best choice! What are you waiting for! 2017 new shoes, exquisite fashion, comfortable wild! Special love to special you! New hot, exclusive woman's sexy high-heeled, interpretation of the goddess fashion, European and American style, after a special process processing, grace and noble, delicate and comfortable.

    2017-05-24 11:21:36
  • Wear the wrong shoes should be thin down, choose shoes skills you know how much?

    Weight loss is the proposition of every girl doctor, as if only thin down from the United States to further, of course, this idea, in fact, is not wrong but do not know whether a lot of sister with the same temptation Xiaobian, lower body really thin ah! Upper body are thin, why the lower body to thin down it? The original thin is not down with the shoes do not fit the foot. Feet support each person's weight, if not put on their own shoes, it is easy to cause the body's imbalance, the muscles, bones have an impact, long down, it will cause thick legs, legs and other problems. Many shoes on the market wear shoes, shoes, too narrow, soles strong, not only hurt the legs, but also hurt the foot. So what is the correct way to choose shoes? First look at the soles of the soles of the feet and heel, both sides of the same degree of wear and tear, especially female friends, often wear high heels, easy to cause improper walking posture, can not use the muscles, etc., to become the legs and feet Negative Effects. Choose a pair of shoes is not important because the shoes are lovely and insisted to wear, but to wear a pair of shoes for their own. Choose a soft and flexible soles, can be more evenly distributed impact, buy high heels when the way to buy a half pad can also ease the pressure of the foot.

    We have no such nike running shoes experience, if you wear a pair of large shoes, although not tight feet comfortable, but walking easily in the shoes when sliding, in order to maintain balance, the legs will be very effort, this will lead to knee The outside grows muscle. Some people like to pull the shoes to go, like wearing slippers, it is also easy to make the lower body fat, because the rub to walk will make the back of the thigh muscles no longer exercise. When the back of the thigh muscles due to lack of exercise after cooling, it is nike air max sale easy to accumulate fat, and even lead to hip droop. Most of the small shoes are not fit, then the thumb and thumb is easy to be in a vacant state, feet may not be able to effectively bear their own weight, which easily damage the body balance. In addition, due to lack of exercise inside the foot muscles, but also affect the normal flow of blood, affecting metabolism, resulting in feet swollen, fatigue, cold and other symptoms. More serious may lead to thumb valgus or varus, is not conducive to walking and other symptoms. So, remember not to choose to wear too small shoes. Ten toes in the shoes can be free to have a comfortable pad and a moderate internal space; sole and foot depression at the arc is very fit, if the toe to withstand the toe when the heel and shoes to help between the back Into the foot of a distance, the size just right; heel heel on the surface of the soles to be very close to the heel, walking time can not slip to slide; choose soft and flexible soles, can be more evenly distributed impact, Buy a high heels when the way to buy a half pad can also ease the pressure of the foot.

    Pointed flat shoes, compared to the round nike factory store ballet shoes, pointed shoes more momentum, but also more conducive to stretching the length of the legs, with flat shoes comfortable, bow design for the sharp plus a bit of feminine. Ballet shoes, every sister's shoe should be prepared on a pair of basic models, this pair of ballet shoes full leather, soft and comfortable foot, soles with rubber, non-slip soft, to ensure the comfort of the footsteps, black cow patent leather Head stitching fashion playful, small bow more sweet and elegant. Or directly to a pair of lazy shoes, full of British wind a pair of leather buckle lazy shoes, soft leather, wearing comfortable and comfortable wild, if the high heels wear tired, so a pair of cool more neutral wind lazy shoes is a Nice choice. Rome sandals female cross straps flat shoes, Roman sandals have been very popular, flat shoes to ensure the comfort, strap design handsome as much as possible to modify the foot of the lines, a pair of beautiful sister who do not miss! This year is very popular square head retro Mary Jane shoes, the use of buckle design to ensure that the feet in the shoes of the solid, rough with not only to enhance the height, and very stable and comfortable, like wearing high heels, Department of injury less. High heels recommended! A pair of pointed buttons high heels, it is recommended to try this year is very popular lemon yellow, appears feet white, upper body only need a cowboy pants, a blue striped shirt, to catch such a pair of bright high-heeled shoes, minutes turned drama Korean nike factory outlet women protagonist! Although it is a pair of high heels, but the use of a comfortable soft bottom, to ensure the comfort of the soles of the feet, the design of a word buckle can be said that the classic is never out of date, and flowers in the summer, of course, a red for their own bright Color ~

    2017-05-23 11:12:46
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