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  • Wild white shoes

    Can say no long legs, but can not do without white shoes. The popularity of small white shoes has always been nike clearance quite high, whether it is the major celebrities or trendy people put it down. This time, if your shoe does not have a pair of white shoes, you are so sorry to say they will wear it? Spell color white shoes. Have not been this little white shoes by the United States to ah! Perhaps the light is looking at it, you can feel the temperament it has. Fight color design is like the entire mouth of the shoes lit up, the degree of fashion has increased a lot. Do not hesitate to like it. Rubber sole design more slippery Oh. Fringed details embellishment is really a little care machine Oh. Classic black and white color, creating the wild street style. This little white shoes made a marked change in design, soles of the shape, novel and unique, so comfortable and trendy counterparts. Very cheap nike shoes stylish sense of a small white shoes. Thick design allows you to walk more windy. Very college style a white shoes, especially suitable to wear with nike air max their own partners, caught off guard on the show wave. Models are also very good-looking Oh.

    Upper leather with double lane solid sewing, high-quality car line to ensure that wearing the years after nike air max the baptism, strong solid, refused to break line degumming, durable wear, sewing each sewing needle neat, uniform, no messy. Shoes with curved sets of feet designed to keep both feet breathe smoothly. Sole with soft shock-absorbing rubber soles, good elasticity, elegant and lightweight to reflect the style, to achieve the appropriate degree of flexibility without losing excess, clear texture design, stable grasp of the ground, non-slip wear. More soft and comfortable.

    2018-02-09 10:32:16
  • Wear this 4:00 did not do well, the overall shape will be greatly reduced points!

    Boots as the most common winter style, in addition to wild, but also warm. However, wild boots will have to wear a minefield, which did not do 4:00, the overall shape will fall sharply Oh! Pants do not accept the wide leg pants with short boots, did not highlight the advantages of short boots. Therefore, the recommended sisters choose pants type attention, you can properly expose an ankle. Thick soled boots do not wear boots soles too thick overall looks seem top-heavy, a "rustic" oncoming, the walking process will bring a lot of inconvenience, easy to Wei feet. Complex mix and match colors more complicated clothes, pants, etc., if too much impact with the color boots, will seem a bit grandiose and unexpected. Waterproof high-heeled fine This waterproof platform high boots have been out, do not wear it. Classic color black and white Check, retro yet delicate single elastic waist is probably a good gentleman, inclusive physique not critical arrangement of the resin buttons to enhance the design sense, skim monotonous and boring diagonal pocket hidden into the body, concave shape Put your hands into the pockets to the calf skirt overlap A high profile waist, was thin leg length, natural wear a good ratio.

    Homemade woolen suit pants, plate is another type. 40% wool content of the composite material, a solid texture and toughness. Waistband cotton edging, the inside of the flat surface, the waist to the knee layer of chiffon lining, single wear Futie comfortable. High waist version of the elongated leg lines, oblique side of the bag on both sides of the level of detail. Two-color into: light red sand color and taro rice gray. Several colors staggered with each other, creating a dream that is, as the visual sense. Thin and gray vertical stripes nike air max women fashion elements, applied to the shirt, the whole person looks energetic fried chicken feet. Sweet and sensual girl melted, always prefer simple cotton shirt without losing the taste of girls, is the cheap nike sneakers girl's dream, designed to look good double yarn, so the lining is also the appearance of colored vertical stripes. Easy to wear easy to take the standard fashion models, pay attention to cheap nike shoes the sense of senior-level sense of the printing shirt, a touch of CHIC adjustment of the spring, to the practical item than the shirt, comfortable and stylish and easy to take. However, the simple white shirt seems a bit boring and monotonous, and it needs a bit different stimulation, color printing shirt with a single product, will express a different temperament.

    With the romanticism of Bosnia-Herzegovina hollow flowers, winter sunshine through the hollow, kissing the skin. It is said that as a retro lover, you must have a red velvet skirt, and only have it, your vintage life will be Wanmei. The lining is pure cotton, relieving static troubles. Neckline and shoulder perspective design, highlighting the thin lines of the neck and arm sense, youthful yet sexy, lotus leaf edge, enriched the sense of hierarchy, but also more girls Smart breath. Skirt is focused cheap nike running shoes on highlighting the feeling of light and elegant fabrics and embroidery itself features, the girl's quiet temperament to play most vividly.

    2018-02-07 10:29:55
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