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  • What are the differences between flat shoes in high heels?

    Wearing high heels can make girls more sexy, look better, and more feminine, which is beyond doubt. But some girls have a question, is that boys really like cheap nike shoes to wear nike sale high heels girls?

    For this issue, individuals think that the relationship with girls and boys is inseparable. If girls and boys don discount nike shoes have anything to do, they are just strangers on the road. Girls wearing high heels must be more attractive to the boys because the girls who wear high heels are more beautiful and their bodies are more attractive. The boys certainly like this more. Schoolgirl. The girls wearing flat shoes, it must look ordinary and not so attractive.

    If the relationship between boys and girls is very close, for example, it is a relationship between men and women, boys may prefer girls to wear flat shoes. First, wearing high-heeled shoes is still harmful to the human body. Wearing it for a long time may cause foot deformity and vascular malformation in the lower leg, which also has a certain influence on the stomach. Since he is his girlfriend, the boys certainly do not want to see her body receive influence. The second, if the boys themselves are shorter, only a little nike air max higher than the girls, the boys do not like the hearts of girls wearing high heels, self-esteem, girls wear high heels higher than themselves, go shopping together no more face.

    In general, girls wearing high heels must be more attracted to boys' attention. However, girls do not need to care so much about boys preferring to dress. Health is the most important thing. Of course, if you like to wear high-heeled shoes yourself, it's okay to wear more clothes and wear them. At night, many bubble bubbles will be able to ease the physical problems caused by high-heeled shoes.

    2018-04-25 10:11:30
  • Put on this single shoe, beautiful summer belongs to you!

    After buying new clothes and jeans, shoes have to be replaced. Amway today to give everyone a good look and look good, but also suitable for this season's shoes, going out to be fashionable and will not make the feet uncomfortable, why not do it! ! ! Personality and special fashion elements, steady digging your girl's heart, do you still think it is bad street models? The combination of a bow and a C-buckle has a strong sense of depth. The small height of 2CM, coupled with shallow mouth and pointed, can always be modified with your slim foot. High quality PU upper and inner, comfortable and light luxury, whether it has impressed your heart! The combination of nike clearance a bow and a double circle feels a sense of depth. Small with high 2CM, with shallow mouth, pointed toe design, very good modified foot type, high quality patent leather fabric made of shoes, natural luster, great texture Oh. The soles made of high quality beef tendon are wear resistant and the nike shop texture is very clear. Let you say goodbye to the fall.

    Elegant lady's nike clearance temperament metal inverted C buckle, to add nike shoes men a selection of high-quality PU shoe surface adds a stylish metal sense, a strong sense of gloss, so that the whole pair of laces to understand the United States, on the look better. PU cleaning is not only convenient, but also very comfortable. 2CM's high sexy thick heel allows you to walk steadily, fashion queen, make you a beautiful summer oh.

    2018-04-19 10:10:50
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