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  • Do not be so binding! This summer wears the sandals with the nature

    What will be more comfortable in summer than a pair of sandals? Even the fashion circle, sandals are the main trend of summer shoes. Try this pair of sandals, let you easily with the fashion Fan, into the summer atmosphere. Thick with a pair of ballet shoes, this shoe is really very small woman, hollow design, small high-heeled style, so you are not afraid of shopping tired ~ probably nothing more than the pointed shoes can be legs long legs fine friends ~ small Star people will buy Oh ~ pearl sandals, British wind with coarse sandals, flashing metal and bright pearl clever mix, coupled with a trace of red and letter elements, so that this simple and comfortable light sandals show urban leisure wind. Blingbling's metallic color gives a sense of speculation that makes the whole shoe styly rise. Was thin, lebron 13 but also better wear with clothes, fashion atmosphere, with what pants are good-looking, put nike shop on very elegant fashion, this climate with elegant skirt or pants are very atmospheric! Very beautiful a shoe, pointed with a cross strap to see simple, nike factory store put on a very first woman temperament, shallow mouth Baotou very sexy.

    Baotou word buckle with sandals, thick sandals has been the sandals sector sales champion, rough with the design of high fashion and not too tired feet. This Baotou style sandals, wear comfortable and elegant, able to cover a good cover of the foot type. Featured high-quality material design, wear is also very sexy and comfortable. In the bare feet hanging two "pearl" is a particularly popular section of this year, very light nike free 5.0 and extravagant experience makes you look more feminine. Shoes according to ergonomic design to create, delicate touch will not make you feel tired feet. Fine work can make you look more sexy and charming. Design very delicate slippers, pointed design, so that feet look more small, at the same time, pointed on the upper design of the warm pearl to do the decoration, it looks like a sense of classical, wearing a special temperament.

    2017-08-22 11:02:02
  • Do not let the word drag "drag" your feet healthy ok?

    The flip flop is for everyone to wear, but you know that long-term wearing a flip flop can be no good for health, and when you are wearing a flip flop, it may be "dragging" your health. The structure of the flip flop is simple, but it can be interpreted in different styles, and thus popular with all kinds of people welcome. In fact, the flip flop was originally designed to facilitate people walking by the beach or swimming pool, and we wear every day to walk around the shoes are not the same. Soft and beautiful character drag, in fact, all black nike shoes not as they look so comfortable. Soles are flat and thin it if you accompany you for a long time, may bring some damage to the body. The main principle of causing the tendon strain to wear the word drag and walk is to rely on the strength of the toes to clip the middle of the two shoes, driving the whole shoe forward. In order to more firmly hold the shoes, the toes will be a long time unconscious taut, and was curled up to grab the soles, this twisted state lasted for a long time, will lead to the tendon under the toe strain, and even nerve inflammation. Causing the "character" in the wear when the word drag, people tend to unconsciously change gait, the frequency becomes faster, the pace becomes smaller, and the body center of gravity forward, the knee will naturally bend, the waist of the spine will follow the bend. Over time, not only will the pace into the character, knees and spine will be pain.

    Causing the heel pain; normal feet have a certain degree of curvature, can help us to buffer the vibration when walking, and the word slippers wearing walking like no shoes directly contact with nike shop the ground, can not fit the soles of the feet arc, and can not give feet Enough support. This may cause pain in the posterior heel, arch and toe. Feet more easily injured, when people walk in the stone road, the flip is a little protection can not provide. Recall that nike store when you wear the word drag, is not a lot more cut, stabbed and bruised. A buckle is a more healthy choice, not only your toes do not have to bend the tightening shoes to keep the shoes will not fly off, but also provide a better ankle and heel protection. Bacteria breeds; in the flip flop inside, quietly breed bacteria is tens of thousands. There lebron 14 have been studies that the word drag to carry up to 18,000 bacteria. Summer, in the case of dry heel, the flip flop plastic soles and foot and all the tiny wounds, cracks and friction, which for a large number of bacteria to provide the ideal breeding environment. After entering and leaving the public toilet, there are 13,900 bacteria.

    Increase the risk of skin cancer, the sun's ultraviolet light will stimulate the skin to produce a large number of oxidative free radicals, and damage the skin cell tissue, accelerate melanin production, the skin pigmentation, rough, loss of elasticity, and reduce skin resistance. Barefoot wearing the word drag, foot skin directly by the sun "roasted", an increase in the risk of skin cancer. Wear the word drag, please control the time to wear, to protect their own feet, do not let the health slip away from your feet.

    2017-08-21 10:56:13
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