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Alone wear slippers you, be careful by dermatitis on

Summer wear salsa good? Summer wear slippers cheap nike shoes to pay attention to what? Summer due to hot weather, many sister paper like to wear slippers to go out, shopping Ye Hao, eat and drink Ye Hao. Then you know that nike clearance summer wear sushi for a long time will lead to dermatitis? Specialist hospital experts recommend that the prevention of "sandal dermatitis", the most fundamental way is to wear other materials, slippers, or put on socks, to avoid direct contact with the skin and shoes, especially the instep and slippers contact parts most vulnerable. Expert analysis, rubber and plastic slippers wearing cool, wear off convenient, very popular in the summer, but its material is a synthetic material, irritating to the skin, can cause nike store skin allergies, over time will form an allergic dermatitis. Some people wear new shoes when everything is normal, but the second year when the summer wear, the foot on the wrong. Because the allergic reaction cheap nike running shoes is often not the first contact occurred, to go through a period of "sensitization", that is, first of all the human body to this material "sensitization", and then the occurrence of allergies. Once suffering from a "cold-dyed dermatitis", we must pay attention to do not arbitrarily random applicator, while avoid scratching, avoid hot water wash, the best time to the hospital.

Can be prescribed by oral administration of chlorpheniramine and other anti-histamine drugs, mild symptoms can be used under the guidance of a doctor with some ointment; symptoms can be more paste paste, and then dressing dressing; lesions local skin exudate , You need to go to the hospital for expert advice.