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As a girl, but also learn one, that is learned to run high heels.

Wearing eight cm high heels in the outdoor walk more than ten minutes, on behalf of you in desperately. Today's age to learn in the workplace circuitous, in the circle of friends strong smile, live in harmony in the family, in the feelings of learning strong. As a girl, but also learn one, that is learned to run high heels. Work on the road can not catch the bus to go nike outlet store to the subway, obviously the regular dress was hard to pull the two, and sometimes high heel stepped on someone else's feet, but also bow to say a few times I am sorry, in addition to secretly curse unlucky, other Also nothing at all. As a girl, wearing high heels elegant walking on the road, wallet out also elegantly picked up. In the company, the high heels and the ground "tick" sound more nike running shoes sounds, on behalf of the more confident, walking in front of the company's colleagues do not bend the legs, he is no relationship with you, I can not see you, unless you bend down and I The This is the self-confidence brought about by high heels. I particularly like a high heels, pearls do decorations, especially feminine, a touch of purple is not easy to hit color Oh, more wild.

Pointed crystal high heels, this high heels to my first impression is like a star all black nike shoes as beautiful and mysterious. High-quality black suede to do the end, coupled with shiny stars dotted, gorgeous and refined. Charm of the pointed, lengthening the legs of the lines, fashionable high heel, always so sexy and charming, even more significant was thin Oh. Resistant to wear, temperament can show, comfortable breathable inside, just the charm and elegance of people can not resist. Patent leather cute cat heels, fashionable cat with the design, clean and neat, personalized pointed design, simple yet elegant, is the overall beauty of the shoes. Flowers pointed cat heels, rubber outsole, non-slip wear, lining and pad with high-quality PU, soft and comfortable. Shoes, the quality of the bar, walking and no longer grinding feet. Patent leather cortex, smooth texture. Popular buckle element perfect outline of the foot of the fashion sense, fashionable strap design so that the foot is no longer monotonous, while playing a high role, fine with the design is very temperament, strap design perfect modification of the ankle The OL wind simple and simple color cat with shoes, interview the day most need to show is your talent, do not wear too fancy overwhelming, dignified like. new nike shoes This kind of pure color cat heels is a good choice, simple to go, solid color design also with a little formal.