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Autumn small white shoes with wear clothing art fresh beauty!

The last two years there have been many styles of black nike shoes shoes, many people are saying that white shoes are out of date? NO, Xiao Bian have not yet wear enough small white shoes, how could it be outdated! The The Small white shoes simple classic, universal and wild, casually how to wear are small fashion. Those who say that small white shoes out of date, today Xiaobian to sort out a few never-ending classic small white shoes! Shoes look very good, very comfortable feet, no foot smell is not grinding feet, or flat wearing comfortable, especially the color shoelaces and white match together is very delicate, summer wear good nike air max women clothes, white is simply wild, Xiao Bian like this style, there are small behind the face, especially cute. Leather casual wind, combined with the texture of leather and quite three-dimensional shape of the stitching, giving the classic style of appearance, personalized leisure, full of tide, this section to breath-friendly comfort, highlighting the unique personality charm, so that walking becomes lively, Regardless of pants, skirts, T-shirts, coats, can be perfect match.

High-quality ultra-fiber uppers, version of the super-modified foot type, appears to be very thin feet, increased 3.5cm, was significantly thin, natural rubber at the end, non-slip safety, soles uniform color, quality bar, Skirts are over one hundred ride, dating, shopping get a pair. Different from a casual shoes, silk silk sense of the upper, texture is very delicate, burnt practice reveals a trace of the same, insole with environmentally friendly PVA foam latex insoles, removable, inside the custom sheepskin, it is difficult to describe the feet Foot feeling, soft, very comfortable and very breathable, the color of a little retro and art, get more and more look to see nike factory store the more resistant to see Oh. Very casual shoes, the bottom of the wear is relatively soft, toe irregular design, had thought that this toe wearing a folder foot, but not, shoes fit, wearing a very comfortable, especially cool, and Western style , Generous, keep the rate of one hundred percent, wearing a nine points jeans, personalized baseball dress with a certain wave.