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Big Martin boots, warm waterproof line

Martin boots since entering the fashion arena, became the originator of the street "Ribbon", after exquisite designers to improve, Martin boots from the initial practical thrifts, to become times women to highlight the self-confidence cool A sense of fashion style is required. Especially in winter, Martin boots as an essential artifact of the warmth, nike free run is a frequent flyer in the winter street. Ties strap style, easy to adjust tightness, very comfortable. This year's hot star Frosted nike free 5.0 Gray, is also the love of autumn and winter out of the street. Add a new element of the classic appearance, looks stylish and atmospheric. Upper with a frosted leather, super waterproof oh deep sky upper and dark soles contrast forming contrast color, even more distinctive. Inside the plus velvet design more cold and warm, in the winter season will not feel cold at all. However, high-gang design, or to consider the factors of the legs, more suitable for tall sister, so the overall degree of warmth compared with the previous two pairs, or slightly inferior to come. High top design Super cool, super nike factory outlet waterproof Oh, pure black leather deep and mysterious, bring their own rock and roll filter, with a black motorcycle loaded, I feel the next second can be a rock band lead singer. Because it is relatively thin leather, if it is minuscule, it is necessary to consider how to wear a few pairs of thick socks Oh, compared with the previous or slightly lost.

18 years of hot UV color, retro and elegant, wipes full design changes, bright gloss to increase the texture, but also for the overall shape of a lot of color. Rubber soles tough wear-resistant, both the value and strength, very waterproof and wear-resistant, is not too warm, winter wear out or do a good warm-keeping measures, or less than a paragraph of leather ah. Comfortable and comfortable to wear design, steady and show the delicate foot, while walking can experience the relaxed and comfortable, high style atmosphere, small square root is waterproof, put on is to add a charming and elegant, pointed design A little bit sexy, fairy with black skirt or jeans, are good. Is the warmth, then, or to be discussed, after all, is the matte texture of the leather, or less than the authentic warmth of leather Oh. Matte gray Martin boots weakened the tough part of Martin boots, adding a bit softer. Thickened sole design not only air max can be increased invisible, but also more wear-resistant, mountaineering, off-road standard. But the foundation is relatively thin, compared with the previous splicing matte, this all matte boots warm or slightly lost. Light brown rub color leather shiny super-sense, superior texture, and the height of the ankle and convenient with a variety of pants, pants can be rolled up to be more arbitrary, just in line with the toughness of Martin boots. But also this year's hot camel, is watching or relatively frozen people, compared with the previous one, a slight loss of warmth.