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Buy shoes back how to do? What is the pad?

??Usually we buy back the shoes, if nike shoes on sale the number of yards how to do it? Speaking of toilet toilet paper approach I think we all understand, to pull some soft toilet paper stuffed inside the shoes like, but pay attention to fill the space inside the shoes, the best in accordance cheap nike shoes with my foot shape, so that some will be warm , But in fact this practice will still make the toes feel uncomfortable. Pad insole sounds good and distant, it seems that the parents of the child in order to save money will buy a little bit of shoes and then pad the insole, so that the shoes can wear a long time will not be due to the foot long and never buy shoes, but now with pad insole The way it seems not suitable for those beautiful high heels, and flat shoes, then you can try a little try. But in fact I have a way to think, that is, Shuangjian silicone heel pad on the heel in the heel, both filled with the extra space and can increase the friction nike free 5.0 to make shoes more stable, and the silicone insoles are soft on the feet also have a certain Maintenance function.

According to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, remove the shoe support, into the cool place, over a couple of hours to try again. The premise is not too big Oh. Shoes can be posted with stickers, but the sandals can not be resolved through this method, often we have to do in the forefoot where the effort to buy a heel pad can also easily solve the problem of sandals too large! If it is deep shoes or Men are casual shoes is too large, this problem is the best solution. Directly to buy a full-foot insole, but must buy breathable Oh! If it is not, we can nike shox clearance also try to repair shoe store, but the shoe shop will often change the style of shoes, perfectionist caution this move Right now.