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Canvas color with your life to create a different color

Canvas shoes with color? Canvas shoes function is very powerful, color is also changing, different personality of people choose their own style of color canvas shoes. Too much color to make you unprepared. Boys and girls love the trend, willing to follow the times change and change their dress. Canvas shoes how to match the color will be neither fish nor fowl, Xiaobian here to help you give pointers about. Can be used with shorts, but it is best to take the white and pink or purple, this will be more out of color. I think beige white gray is better match. Especially the gray, pink canvas shoes texture set off very beautiful. With blue pants ah, you can learn the British with it! Play hit color ah. Can be used with black clothing. Of course not the whole body is black, in some single product can play color. Such as necklaces, headwear and the like. You can choose the black sports pants, next to the yellow or purple bars. Pants can also choose black, or cowboy or bright light. Top coat wear or wear a single vest, the length can be, the color clean a little bit. There are light abstract patterns TEE. You can add a small vest. Like the words coupled with a personality of the belt is also good. Hat, then recommended sports wind or frilly suit hat. Another plaid shirt this year is also good, recommended sleeves of the sleeves.

In general, if the brown canvas shoes are casual class, it can be equipped with straight jeans, feeling relatively young. If the legs are relatively thick, it is recommended to wear dark jeans. If the legs are fine, you can consider other light colors, and the color of the coffee belonging to a series is considered within the range. Leopard shoes do not look like a single product looks so mature ~ canvas shoes itself is a little casual partial love, so long as accompanied by simple t-shirt pants color not too bright, such as: rose red, red, green and the like yellow And Leopard nike factory store with a color, looks should be very dazzling feeling of the sun ... ... suggest that with other leopard single product such as: leopard baseball cap leopard frame glasses will be very out of color!

Canvas shoes color with a little heart inside a little personal color, Xiao Bian finally tell you if the shoes are out of color so clothing will be simplified. Everyone has their own favorite color, and occasionally change their style of clothing will make yourself a mood