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Compared to spring clothes, you need this beautiful list of shoes

Winter clothes feel so boring it, do not like to meet the feeling of spring ah, in fact, for a pair of shoes will be able to feel different music shoes are also called lazy cheap nikes shoes, a pedal, because there is no shoelace, you can directly wear On the feet, but also not as easy as the conventional single shoes out with. This kind of shoes wear comfortable, style between the sneakers and feminine shoes between, you can formal, you can also casual, with a very large space

Low with the music blessing shoes, square toe is very handsome, more than the round to the fashionable. Retro big ring embellishment, fashionable atmosphere immediately up up! Which will not fade, so barefoot wear completely afraid.

Oxford shoes have a feeling of British college wind, and sometimes there will be retro Bullock carved, known as the Bullock shoes. Oxford shoes have a literary atmosphere on the campus, while there is a handsome feeling of neutral wind, and usually flat or low with, wear is also very comfortable. Handsome Oxford shoes, to create the British Academy wind, Bullock carved to add some retro aristocratic atmosphere. Inside and outside the leather, inside the pig skin, the outside is the first layer of leather, feet are pedicure, obviously thin Oxford shoes are matte leather to help the surface, a little more retro feeling. Color is apricot, dark brown and brown three colors, Peas feel brown more fresh, there is the breath of spring.

Lightly shoes, of course, our shoe must also be a pair of shoes to make their own elegant sexy shoes, such as pointed shoes, fine high-heeled ... ... especially in the case of sexy straps, will become more charming and moving , And then for example, sweet round ballet shoes ... ... basic models of shoes, pointed thin high-heeled, never over time, and all kinds of wild. Although it is fine high heel, but the heel is very stable, and the soles are very soft, so wearing not tired feet. Shoes are very thin, not easy to fall with. There are two colors of black and dark blue.

Thick heel, to those who can not control the thin high-heeled girls, the vamp is suede and leather stitching, more than the basic section of chic and elegant, more fashionable than the fashionable look. Retro Mary Jane shoes, the middle also inlaid with a pearl, looks more sweet. Mary Jane shoes in front of the word near the forefoot, both to prevent walking off with, and will not be stuck in the ankle was thick legs.