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Cool girls print sneakers nike air max Tips!

What kind of shoes rebellious uninhibited and full of teenage girl's thought? Of course, black background coupled with broken printing it! When the printing encounter black, like the elf in the darkness, a kind of mixed beauty and charm of the high beauty, with Ba sister together look at it! Pink daisies are made of ornaments, tied in the front of the band, walked, daisies swinging with the pace, add a little smart. Lightweight midsole + breathable mesh cloth, shoes lined with gorgeous pink complex floral complex, is the only secret you know after wearing your feet. Bad sister was fascinated by the clothes lining, cuffs inside only this can see the design, I feel like it belongs to me and my belongings intimate memory. Pretty low-key pair of shoes, very wild. The surface is a one-piece breathable mesh, the more tide design, so exercise lebron 13 and daily wear. The overall style is not deliberately not contrived, there is a very special classics in it. To do thick soles, not only for the printing of the graffiti style have a cheap nike shoes larger display space, but also quietly pulled up the fairy height. Black shoe body and bright graffiti contrast, it is very eye-catching. Human-based shoes are specifically made according to the shape of the soles of the foot shoe-shaped design, wearing a very comfortable, good-looking shopping and not tired.

General plate shoes + embroidery combination will make people think of exquisite beauty with black nike shoes the casual, but this is not the same as embroidery, its distinctive pattern is the dancing of small children and small houses. Pink blue oversized circular skirt to make dancing very conspicuous, the edge is two cheers waving little man, the heel part of the circle is like yurts small house, lively style of escape to the entire black A sense of seriousness is swept away. Although the shape of leaves, the color seems to be crisp flowers out of the forest. I do not know whether the designer made a dream of exploration in the summer, then presented the romantic and strange fantasy visual.