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Different legs for different boots, are you wearing right?

Unknowingly went to the sister dressed in coat, jacket season, want the United States and the United States will inevitably have a pair of boots, but there are many different types of boots, how to choose their sister boots it, different legs sister fit What type of boots do. Xiaobian today to share with you different legs of the sister how to choose boots, so how do you wear both the United States and the United States. Some sister's calf relatively thick, this time Xiaobian suggest that you can choose to just some of the boots to the knee, the lebron 14 upper part of the boots to talk about the flesh of the calf easily cover for you to create a thin legs visual sense. That today is very popular over the knee boots can be controlled yo, Xiao Bian here suggest that you choose black boots, it was significantly thin legs yo. Of course, this type of sister can also choose to go to the ankle boots, boots that small but very significant Lean Oh. But Xiaobian nike factory outlet does not recommend this type of sister choose the length of the boots nike free run in the middle of the calf, so not only can not play the effect of covering the flesh of nike air max the legs, but also highlight the stout leg.

Shorter sister legs, must have been very troubled, want to wear boots, too difficult to control. Because boots actually more suitable for the longer legs of the sister, to fully show the big leg style, highlighting the slender legs. However, the shorter legs sister knee boots, make the legs look shorter, so this is not recommended. Xiaobian recommended sisters who can choose short boots, the shorter the better, a smaller amount of cover on the legs to fully show the legs, legs and legs to create a sense of visualization, but also to highlight the leg lines, very beautiful yo. There are no sister's leg muscles obvious, more symmetrical lines, the length is also very good, then there will often be another worry that the leg is not straight enough. This leg-type sister, the general boots can be easily controlled, the length will be nice. However, relatively speaking, wearing boots can not cover up the leg up, so Xiao Bian still recommend sisters choose short boots, because shorter boots can hide the legs are not straight, beautify the legs lines.