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Different occasions to wear high heels, most people do not tell TA!

Which sister can resist the high heels to bring you the temptation? High heels can be a certain degree of good to cover up their own defects and even highlight your strengths and strengths. This is why the sister who received the first gift after adult is the high heels of the bar, it is the existence of your girl from a woman into a sign. Are you really sure what kind of heels you should choose to look like? I believe you in the daily out of the street or daily work will also choose high heels, because not only give their temperament extra points, but also better release a stronger gas field. However, when working in the office if the day wearing 10cm + high heels not only one day down the foot will not stand in the company will also affect the work of other colleagues and life. Therefore, the daily dress with the high heels do not need extraordinarily beautiful. Work hard for a day, at night there is a small party or party, go home to dress up, replaced career wear long before buying a long dress, this time you also choose the morning with the simple low heels with high heels ? Not only can not give you the image of extra points, but makes the overall mix of strange, it is out of tune. Xiaobian then take you to see what the occasion, wearing what kind of clothes with what kind of high heels should be able to wear more to give you the overall allocation of extra points with it.

Temperament, wild, repair legs, not too much with, but it can move very well. Sweet bow decoration, even more sweet and playful. Featured texture of superior leather, texture clear, nike shoes on sale comfortable and breathable. Soft and comfortable pad design, allowing you to wear it how many legs do not feel tired. Fashion fine high with the foot of the foot curve, but the height is comfortable as natural, long wear uncomfortable feet. Lines full of bow design, not only added a sweet, but added a simple atmosphere of the feeling inside, so you do not need to stereotyped career to compromise. The use of matte to create the pointed vamp, its delicate and tender texture, to create a woman taste, bring out the light, elegant noble temperament. Attractive heel, to create a cascade of embellished embellishment, making your elegant and noble temperament outstanding. Featured high-quality fabrics as raw materials, with good flexibility and aesthetics. Fine with elegant fashion, with texture texture stripes elegant, feet on the smooth, so that walking out of fashion. Anti-skid lines of wear-resistant soles, both fashion sense, walking and stable. The toe of the rivet design also makes the whole look extraordinary is not ordinary.

Shoes made of pure leather, soft and delicate leather, wearing comfortable, toe at the metal decoration with, to break the dull color, highlighting the personality. Elegant and charming sexy high-heeled, 9cm elegant height to meet ergonomic principles, elongated leg lines. Fashion red and black with, even more overall is not so monotonous, full of fashion sense of a pair of shoes. Beaded carved high-heeled shoes, the appearance of revealing the luxury, it seems the whole person elegant. Graceful high heel, diamond heel, to create a perfect female Fan children. High-quality silk satin texture comfortable, elegant appearance and generous, and breathable, soft, comfortable to wear. Giving a strong visual texture, making the whole pair of shoes look more texture and charm, but also a very good highlight your charm. The whole section of the upper selection of the main material of the sheep felt, sexy charm will be the foot of the foot of the delicate foot full of exposed, showing dignified yet elegant temperament, which can make a good out of your temperament. Sexy elegance and charming fine high heel, 10.3cm elegant height to meet the ergonomic principles, can be better from the visual elongation of the proportion of the body, lengthen your leg lines