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Do you wear high heels like ostrich? Look lebron james shoes at these points!

High-heeled shoes on the girl full of temptation, or how every girl has a high-heeled shoes childhood dream it, the little girl wearing high heels we can say cute, big girl? Wear elegant high-heeled shoes shopping, then you know that you are attracted to attract or laugh at the eyes, the following humble little tricks tell you. A lot of fairy feel elegant and temperament to wear high heels, in fact, it depends on you will not be the right to walk posture, when shopping you will see wearing high heels to go like "ostrich" or "bent legs shrimp" Look at the picture, you say you wear high heels have not done this before? Ugly burst there! Listen to shopping high heels will be foot pain, small fairy can not give up high heels! The result is wearing a high heels walked awkwardly, then why not only elegant and not tired? Then you need a pair of high heels comfortable, so that you can do elegant and generous little fairy. Then how can we count comfortable heels ~ tide sister I have a pair. Just started to wear high heels of the little fairy, I strongly recommend not to hate the sky, although the petite you feel the need, but I suggest the fairy first lower heels began yo ~ under the thick with shoes outside with Fine villi, comfortable warm and breathable, cold feet of the fairies are not afraid of the cold, elastic feet not afraid of large wear, soles soft to comparable egg roll shoes ~

The beauty of the United States only for a while, ugly words on the permanent, when you sit down to rest on his high heels to do some "trick" it? , An instant fairy reeling silk. Do not say I do not tell you! Stepping on the shoes after walking, the rest of the shoes loose back and forth shaking, feet out from the shoes, although comfortable but it really reeling ~ put a comparison chart for you to see. . . How to write elegant word! Cortex matt surface moment so that your aura rise, a variety of heights are not afraid of high ~ Fear of the fairy can have a choice of chant ~ standard shoe size allows you to choose high-heeled shoes are not worried about the shoe size is not appropriate. Feeling off high-heeled shoes gas field on the soft? nike clearance A roll of egg rolls kobe shoes shoes, soft soles breathable shoes, gray color so you do not fear to change shoes ~ Beauty feet to beauty shoes, and now winter's dry, let the skin exploded on the cracked, especially in the exposed , So fairies do not forget to give you a small foot moisturizer! ! Winter dry, we need to take care of the feet when wearing high heels, or look good shoes, wear skin dry skin will be ugly, I use a good hundred years moisturizing brand, daily remember nursing fairy can look at ~