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Everything about Martin boots, you will love it!

Today to tell you a paragraph, in addition to small white shoes outside of another pair of wild shoes - Martin boots! Martin boots are divided into short, medium and high three kinds of black and white nikes general waist short Martin boots are more common. Many color patterns, black is the most traditional, red, yellow, old colors are also very popular, and even plaid, pattern, rivet and other popular elements. If you did not pick their own Martin boots, then prone to site wind. It wants to wear a sense of fashion, when the shoes should pay attention to it! Martin boots have 8 holes, 10 holes, cheap nike shoes 14 holes and 20 holes of points, according to their own legs to choose the appropriate height and hole number of Martin boots. If the proportion of the legs in general, do not try the tube or high Martin boots, it will cut off from the middle of the legs, so you become short-legged star so the legs are not long enough baby, try to avoid the middle of Martin Martin boots, try to choose Short sleeve Martin boots - no tie Martin shoes laces, loose boots will cover the most slender ankle, legs and a short feeling. But also do not have to tie all the holes, leaving one or two holes empty, so that the formation of a V-shaped shoes, nike outlet play the visual effects of extending the calf lines.

Colorful colors are not so good to control and collocation, wear bad is non-mainstream and local style, so still choose a more classic wild Martin boots it ~ how with clothes, is the key factor in Martin boots wear good-looking. Martin boots and clothes with what small tips? Shoes and blouses uniform color. Dark coffee, black, burgundy Martin boots are the most air max 90 common, these colors are wild colors, so with a variety of colors and the shirt is also more harmonious. Shoes and pants the same color. The safest colors to wear with Martin boots are black or dark blue slim trousers. Shoes and socks color stress. Now it is not popular to put trousers into the inside of the shoe it! Roll up trousers, revealing exquisite stockings. Conservatively, try black, gray socks ~ Martin boots can be worn with jeans, khaki pants, overalls and even sweatpants, but it is best to ensure that self-cultivation and fabric as hard as the pants, such as leather pants, jeans. Tight pencil pants with handsome Martin boots is simply a perfect match, and the choice of shirt do not have to spend too much thought, jackets, coats are cool. Legs are not good, the body is not dominated sister paper should follow the Martin boots + straight pants combination, between the wide leg pants and pencil pants straight jeans, not only possession of meat and leg length. Wear Martin boots if you do not want to wear a man as both visual sense, then wear skirts! Floral, lace and other long skirts and Martin boots, can be described as handsome and sweet.