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Fine high-heeled look too abused, or rough with a single shoe stable and comfortable

High to follow the sexy but can not give peace with the comfort, both want to wear clothing elegant temperament and want to have a nike shox sense of stability that is nothing more than heels, elegant and elegant, elegant and elegant with skirt pants can wear clothing all you want To the style to come. Shoes, simple hit color design color is very trendy, pointed shoes have a trace of small sexy wear full charm, coupled with jeans, but very personal. Dark green looks very sexy, instep simple bow embellishment to make a simple shoe body add a little sweet sense, heel is still very comfortable to wear a very good Oh. The upper soft and comfortable is also better care, air max with the degree of moderate wear light and comfortable, the color of the Western nike store style usually accompanied by skirt wear cents cents very beautiful girl. Ankle at the two pearls embellishment looks more playful friends, white elegant atmosphere on the foot is very favorable sense, coupled with the pants to wear up, but very fresh Fan.

Style is the most individuality is the most ordinary style, and wear Lae light and comfortable, the color is relatively fresh and wild, any occasion of any style of the coat can be perfectly with them. Black wild was thin, feet nike shoes sale full of beautiful scenery Oh, style is relatively unique and unique, coupled with the skirt is easy to wear out the tide of the trend, for those who rarely wear high heels in terms of this section can be replaced. Style wild fashion do not pick people, velvet upper wear soft and comfortable texture is not hurt, rubber soles feet anti-skid wear wear fashion atmosphere.