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Fisherman shoes can be washed directly with water fisherman shoes with what clothes look good

Fisherman's footwear is part of its characteristics, but also caused a fresh problem, fisherman shoes can be washed directly with water?

The answer is of course yes, this is the most direct way, directly with a clear bubble for some time, the above stains will fall off, no added do not have to worry about turning new nike shoes yellow, if worried, can also be used to wash the toothpaste when coated to ensure that white.

Tips for cleaning shoes:

1, when the brush as much as possible with a neutral detergent, wash the sun when you can take white paper (preferably white toilet paper) the whole package up the shoes, shoes, dry shoes will find no yellow, and toilet paper But there have been a lot of yellow print. The same time as

2, if you wait until the shoes are dirty and then brush, must use detergent to wash, often wash can be less nike factory store with detergent. Washing can also be first with soap or detergent to wash the shoes clean, wash the canvas shoes soaked in beer for three minutes, and then get the shoes to the balcony, on the shade, and covered with toilet paper on the upper, The effect is obvious!

3, if the shoes have turned yellow, you can buy lead powder in the store to brush, wash the shoes, while the shoes wet when the brush up, and then wrapped in paper drying, to ensure that the shoes white as new Watch out about the opera boots, boots is absolutely white, that is, with lead powder out of the brush. The same time as

4, no matter what method of washing, after washing on the shoes evenly coated with a layer of toothpaste; take the toilet paper to wrap the body, while pressing a paper by hand, so that toothpaste shoes and toilet paper close together; After the toilet paper will find yellow, and the shoes become white and bright. The same time as

5,84 and other bleach with water caution, corrosive, with caution. 84 is the oxidation of bleaching, shoes can be made on the section is actually relatively green style, more biased in favor of sports shoes style, with the movement of the wind intensified, this shoe is also a place in the fisherman shoes. The biggest advantage is: If you think the shoes are too heavy, to choose it. But with the words of the skirt, or more ladies tied fisherman shoes more appropriate. Dress with straw shoes, feminine with a free and casual feel. Striped T-shirt dress with summer cool breeze, choose a pair of Espadrilles fisherman shoes out of the street, not only did not wear the wrong, but more in line with the summer of freedom, with the sex. Black messenger bag, handsome sunglasses, comfortable Espadrilles fisherman shoes, with the mood to go free, nice and practical. Hot pants can also be considered one of the summer single product, when the short hot pants encounter long section of the shirt, long and short collision, always rub out cheap nikes sexy spark, let you imagination. Organic carbonization, it will damage the fiber composition of shoes.