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Goddess summer long leg cheats, choose to make your legs one meter eight feet!

When the summer solstice did not arrive, the heat struck. When black nike shoes you were still immersed in the charm of warm spring shoes, summer sandals swept over and over. You can rest assured that you will release a little sexy and show your long legs. A word with high heels, with a simple high-profile models, lightweight bow decorated, nike shox clearance break the boring, no matter what style is not easy to go wrong. Sleek design, fringed pendant design, elegant and playful art. Elegant temperament style children, ankle buckle with pearl fringe connected, highlights need not be more than one is enough! The buckle was adorned with a circle of glittering decorations, nike outlet and with the warm pearls, the ankle style was infinitely attractive ~ the charm value soared. A word with gentle expression, fish head toe with fine, retro and elegant shape Get! In summer, even if it is a maverick fashion blogger, most of them are pursuing "freshness". A T-shirt + denim shorts/skirts make Chic easy.

In such a seemingly seemingly similar crowd, in order not to be overwhelmed, it is better to choose the Bling Bling element that is difficult to be shielded from sight. Elements such as pearls and metal that occupy the status of fashion circles are easily captured. ! The combination of plaids and shiny pearls makes the retro atmosphere blend with literary temperament. Not only white, but also play a role in the adjustment. Stylish sense is stronger. The small pearls are arranged neatly on the serrated lace belt and are sweetly upgraded. Back space design, wearing more comfortable! Super good pair of sandals! The ergonomic design of the soles of the feet makes nike clearance walking more comfortable.