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High heels Give you a good solution to find a good nike clearance coup!

Wear shoes tips: buy back the shoes, wear always grinding feet, even hundreds of thousands of brand name is sometimes the case, so it is pain ah! Here to teach you a few tips to help lift the new shoe mill Feet, feet of distress. New shoes most likely to wear feet of the two places, one heel, one big toe outside. With a wet towel in the foot of the shoe parts to cover for a few minutes, and then take the pieces of dry soft towels wrapped around the crowded feet, with a hammer to knock a few times, the shoes grinding the foot of the place to knock on the formation of the leather cortex and soft After not grinding the foot. Take a newspaper, knead a group, dip some water, do not be too wet, but the whole group are stained with water, and then take Zhang nike free run dry newspaper wrapped in wet newspaper, stuffed in the crowded feet, and then sealed the shoes A plastic bag, overnight, you can. If the nike air max sale new shoes due to too small and pinch, may wish to use wet towel cover wet, and then shoes wedge big, wear it on the foot. Before the shoes are put on, the first block of soap (usually with the candle can also) in contact with nike clearance the heel of the most parts of a thin layer of thin, heel will become smooth and no longer grinding feet. 1 point and 4 points I tried many times, and very effective Oh! We may wish to try!

Simple black and gray upper, delicate touch smooth, bright color, leather texture to make it more comfortable feet style. And its red soles, walking along the lines of the shoes, the upper modification of the more fashionable, but also bring out the unique charm of women. At the same time modified foot-type pointed design, making the dress more beautiful and beautiful, with a strong feminine and European style! Shallow mouth sets of feet, simple color, comes with a British style of fashion, rough with effort, filling the female gas field, inside the use of high-quality materials, comfortable and breathable, ankle ring is its most highlights of the place Oh Rough heel style more popular, everyday wear more convenient to wear, so that girls can easily control, and shopping fashion will not feel tired, wearing comfortable, feet on the type, highlight the legs of the lines and feet of the bone Beauty. Lace design highlights fashion charm, this red pointed shoes are suitable for everyday wear, Europe and the United States atmospheric scrub pointed highlights the aristocratic elegance, with blue or black pants are a good choice.