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High heels put cheap nikes this point, a long time walking is not tired of friends

About every girl dreams of having a cupboard of high heels, because the magic of high heels always make a woman a new look, it seems that foot is not shoes, but elegant charm! But most of the girls in the shoe heel shoes often become a decoration, because not every girl can hold this special beauty brought the pain. High heels people love and hate, because it has to wear what are beautiful, you can wear it tired and painful feet, people a lot of girls on it discouraged. Today's small beauty of adults, to teach some tips to you, so that you can easily control high heels, long walking is not tired feet ~ leather shoes are usually hard texture, in order to make shoes more comfortable, we can use the body milk Or hand cream, smear in the heel, this way can make the leather cortex become soft, walking can reduce the discomfort. This simple and effective method, you get it? Not much black and white nikes to say, act up!

Sometimes we wear shoes more hard, did not take long way, heel has been worn off a layer of skin, and spicy and painful. In order to reduce the discomfort, we can use baby powder evenly applied to the feet, especially the instep and heel, which nike shoes for sale can effectively reduce the friction and shoes, both anti-perspiration can play the effect of lubrication Oh, really super practical of. Do not believe? You try not to know it? Girl, if you often wear high heels, then you may wish to use the best foot pad and heel stickers, or long squeeze will make our feet and toes deformation. With the foot pad and heel stickers can make high heels up more comfortable Oh ~ newly bought shoes are mostly crowded feet of the problem, and this problem we can use sealed plastic bags of water, and then on the refrigerator frozen One night, and finally put it in the shoes, so that shoes will not squeeze the foot ~ is not it cool? Hurry to go home to try the effect of it ~ sheep 锟絊 sheep suede oblique mouth pointed high heels, black always gives a noble, mysterious feeling, feet full of luxury and noble atmosphere, and very wild Oh, any You will not be easy to make mistakes. 2017 spring and summer new leather hollow pointed cat heels, this is my nike sneakers personal favorite like a high heels, at first glance to see it when it fell in love with it, the first time to wear it on the complete fans On it, I believe you will pass through as I like it put it down.

The new fashion wild pointed high heels, simple version of the type but without losing the sense of fashion, and the feet of the special delicate, the focus is to effectively stretch the leg lines, so you look more tall. Elegant lace fine high heels, delicate pointed, show the intellectual beauty, sharp toe, to show the charm of elegant queen; sexy lace covered uppers, looming, gentle dream, elegant and generous. 2017 spring new sexy pointed shoes, hollow word buckle design more feminine Oh, the feet are very taste, I believe you will not regret after passing through.