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How do you choose shoes? Professionals give you advice

Different foot type of people for different shoes. Generally to buy shoes, we will also wear what kind of shoes have their own understanding. But you know exactly what kind of foot wear what shoes look good? Today, we and experts together to pick shoes for different feet Oh.

Shoes are not suitable, only the feet know. Different foot type should also choose not the same shoes, or shoes will be very uncomfortable to wear, then the different feet of the MM how to choose the right shoes? Professional people come to tell you.

These five types are large toe lateral hypertrophy, heel hypertrophy, heel is too high, the instep is too wide and flat feet. 1, heel hypertrophy

This foot type of MM, shoes, heels need enough space, so heels will not seem crowded, but the shoes heel big shoes will be easier to fall, the straps of shoes can prevent this situation. Shoelaces can be free to adjust to the heel left enough space, it will not seem crowded. Lace and ankle boots is also very suitable for heel hypertrophy MM shoes.

2, large toe lateral hypertrophy

This situation may be caused by wearing high heels, the best change to wear flat shoes or less coarse heels, this foot type of MM can wear round shoes, to avoid wearing pointed shoes, especially the tip High heels, pointed foot toes at the tip of the line is too steep, toes too narrow, put on to squeeze to the toe parts, feet hypertrophy where the best wide enough, do not squeeze to the toes, shoes, the best choice of fabric soft Skin, shoes fabric not too hard, or the upper edge of the rubber band of shoes, so that will not be too squeezed to the foot hypertrophy.

3, foot back too wide

Foot back too wide MM can wear the shoes more narrow shoes, you can wrap more feet of the shoes, so that the back can be less so wide, you can wear and ankle boots, cover the entire instep, can not see Very broad feet

4, foot back too high

A wild high son show feet too high MM suitable shoes, you can pick some lower upper shoes, uppers do not cover the nike factory outlet foot is too large area, so as not to oppress the instep, or wear part of the foot can be exposed boots. In general, is the design of the shoes to give the foot full of space, do not oppress the feet, so you can. Look at the shoes, it is easy to see whether it is suitable, unless you really like that section of the shoes friends.

5, flat feet

Flat foot stability is poor, too high shoes is not appropriate, you can choose the heels or flat shoes, fit the entire foot of the heel is very suitable for flat foot shoes. In fact, flat foot people are more common, there are many people are born skeleton so. So the selection of shoes when the foot type of targeted relatively strong.