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How many people only wear this pair of shoes in summer?

This weather, just out of the room to feel the feeling of exposure to the stove really feel the collapse of ah! The The From the winter boots, plus cashmere warm shoes to the spring shoes, Peas shoes, canvas shoes and then to the summer, the little fairies who will choose to wear what kind of shoes do? This stuffy breath of the day so that beans want to release the release of their feet ah! The The Little fairies are not deeply sympathetic! Work time, class time, only obediently choose sandals, hole shoes, shoes to wear. So when the rest of course choose to flip! The The Summer essential ah, easy to wear and wild ~ to concentrate on the sandals for a long time the design of new shoes, it is definitely considered a small fairy's various needs Oh! For example, small girls are most worried about the height of the problem, ha ha, this pair of shoes is a high-heeled design Oh, so, in minutes to increase the height of the visual effect of it! For example, fat MM worry about easy to break with the fine, this pair is thick with the slightly! The word type is more sexy! Summer thunderstorms may not let the little fairies have preparedness Oh! So, the thick bottom of the heel is the best choice to prevent foot wet! Before the low after the high waterproof platform to add women's charm at the same time, but also make the small fairies have a higher proportion of the legs Oh! Word flip to help the surface of the cloth is used, so when the wear will not wear feet.

Resin to help the face looked very wide sense, wearing will be very nikes on sale fit, because the injection shoes outline the small fairies of the foot type, so when wearing a feeling will be very smooth and comfortable. T-type strap is also used in the same resin material, itself has been formed by the use of flip-flop is the style, it is suitable for indoor wear Oh! There are also many colors to choose, bow in the cheap nike air max collar, trousers belt or trousers, cuffs cheap nikes as a place to decorate, has been too common. If it is decorated in the T-type to help it? Will it make your feet more eye-catching! The The Not only the body to get the eye, wearing a suction eye, summer is the best time to suck the eyes Oh! This double word on nike clearance store the use of the embellishment of the bow, making the original relatively a pair of shoes in the moment the girl's breath! One to see this pair of shoes, the feeling is quite a literary Fan it! Printed cloth as T-type straps of the outer layer, the upper soles looked like a mat of bamboo material, in the lower splicing of the rubber bottom, composite bottom of the flat shape wearing more minorities Oh!

Soles of the exquisite pattern is definitely the best guarantee of non-slip Oh! Using a soft pressure injection process material, so when wearing the feeling of stepping on the soft things feel very comfortable, it is to protect the feet Oh! T-shaped face to mention the use of plastic, the above decorated with a brand logo and playful texture, add three-dimensional and lovely temperament. Shoes are a certain height, so there is a certain waterproof effect Oh!