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How to deodorize the most small trick to teach you to quickly deodorize the shoes

How to deodorant shoes? Through the baby shoes are aware that sports shoes will be stingy for a long time, even if the cleaning will be left with no smell. So, what small coup can quickly deodorant to the sports shoes? Here we take a look at what sports shoes fast deodorant small coup it ~ because white vinegar is sterilization, and shoes are generally because of fungal infection. Use this method in the cleaning of sports shoes when adding some white vinegar and then rinse dry, if it is mesh or cotton, then you can properly sun, if other materials, shoes, try to put a very good place nike factory store to ventilation can be very Good play deodorant effect. Charcoal adsorption all black nike shoes is very strong, the charcoal nike shoes on sale into the shoes, not only can absorb the moisture inside the shoes, but also absorb the smell of shoes, if the family is not charcoal, you can also buy some activated carbon, activated carbon deodorant ability is more strong The Lemon slices on the shoes, or orange peel on the shoes, usually every night after the footwear is basically able to be removed, but also some fragrance. Use alcohol to remove the smell of shoes. Use ordinary medicinal alcohol, pour some water after dilution, and then you can use the nozzle with a small tool to spray the insoles and shoes inside, you can also use paper soaked, and then drip in the nikes on sale inside. Use tea to remove shoes. It is said that with the Tieguanyin in addition to the effect of shoes is very good, the tea gauze wrapped into a small group, and then stuffed into the shoes, after a period of time the smell of shoes disappeared, or you can try to direct tea bag. With soda powder in addition to shoe odor, directly to the amount of soda powder sprinkled in the shoes, due to rapid absorption of soda powder, so faster absorption of sweat within the shoes to achieve the purpose of deodorant. With the home of talcum powder and salt, they sprinkle some in the shoes, can absorb the sweat, to achieve deodorant effect.

Stitching insole. More to prepare a few pairs of sports shoes for wear, to slow down the problem of sports shoes smelly. Usually do not wear the time, try to put the shoes in a clean cool, ventilated place, you can achieve the purpose of taste.