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How to do leather shoes smelly way to remove leather shoes

There is always a very pungent taste for the newly purchased leather shoes. Do you not know how to remove the glue on the shoes or the taste of the leather? How to remove the smell of leather shoes?

Normally, new shoes have the smell nike clearance of both adhesive and leather, but the taste of the adhesive fades after a period of use. The taste of the leather stays the same, but it becomes slightly lighter than when it was just bought. And the taste of leather won't be pungent.

If there is a pungent smell for a long time, it means that the quality of the adhesive used in this pair of shoes is inferior. It is usually effective to put some activated carbon in the shoes, but remember that the activated carbon must be wrapped in breathable paper, because it would be very difficult to clean the carbon if it gets into the shoes; there is also a more convenient method. , is to put some grapefruit skin in the shoes, the effect is also very good.

Leather shoes odor solution

1, put air max in a ventilated, cool, dry place for a few days and then wear.

2, when put on carbon insoles, it is best to buy a carbon shoe. Remove odor, feet are very dry.

3, the simplest way, if possible, then the shoes back, buy a better, I wear shoes are basically nike trainers the brand, it does feel a penny a point of delivery.

What if new shoes smell?

1. If you have new shoes, if you have a taste. If we can wash shoes, we can put the shoes in the water and put some laundry detergent or detergent on the wash, and then after the drying, the smell will dissipate.

2, if the new shoes are leather shoes can not be washed, we can put some dried orange peel inside the shoes, dried orange peel, etc., so put a few days on the shoes inside the taste will gradually disappear.

3, new shoes taste to we can also put the new shoes in a more ventilated place, put a few days later, the smell of the shoes will disappear. However, remember that you don't want to expose it to the sun, so as not to spoil your shoes.

What to do if the shoes passing through have a bad smell?

1, we usually wear shoes because of the taste of their own feet, we have to pay attention to wash your feet every day, often do not wash your feet will make shoes smell.

2, in addition to washing your feet every day but also pay attention to the shoes can not be worn for a few days to wear, the shoes can only wear nike sneakers a three-day all will have to clean once, you can add laundry detergent, etc., the shoes are often cleaned No odor will be produced.

3. For shoes that cannot be washed with water, such as leather shoes, we can use bake shoes for deodorization. After taking off the shoes in the evening, we use bast shoes to remove the odor inside the shoes. It is very good, not only can we remove odors Dehumidify it.

4, people who love to sweat the shoes will easily make shoes inside smell, you can put a deodorant insoles in the shoes inside, so you can play a role in inhibiting the sweating of the feet and prevent the shoes have a peculiar smell.

5, after the feet sweating so that the shoes inside the damp smell, we can also put dried lime powder in the bag bread, and then put it inside the shoes can also play a role in dehumidification to remove odors.