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How to wear high heels can not be painful?

Xiao Bian had thought to have a pair of beautiful and shiny high heels, Xiaobian will be like a fairy tale princess, but the reality is too cruel, when Xiaobian first put on the heart of the high heels, only understand the words, fairy tale Are deceptive. The The The The Are you kidding me? nike shox The So hard to wear high heels should have so many girls rushing to wear! There are these little tips Xiaobian not get to ah! Come and follow Xiaobian see, these you get it? Tip 1: For the shoes of the shoes, first with a wet towel over his feet, and then take a dry soft towel wrapped around the crowded feet, with a small hammer gently grinding the place to knock a few times so smooth, so that Will not wear the foot of the trick two: discount nike shoes If it is the next day to rush to wear high-heeled little fairy, Xiaobian also have a coup Oh! Will be a newspaper kneaded after a group of water will be wet the whole group, but not too wet, wrapped in a dry outside the newspaper, and then stuffed in the shoes, with plastic bags called shoes loaded up, after a night, you want Wearing high heels can be beautiful to wear it! Is not super peace of mind it! Trick three: for the feet a little big and the shoes and a little sister can try to wet his towel cover his shoes, until the wet, and then use the shoe wedge big, so put on the post will be a lot of tips four: If Is the shoe heel shoes, you can try the small fairy soap or candle smear in the heel, so that the heel will never grind the ugly mark it! Then the high heels tapping shoes and how to do it, Xiaobian nike sale later also offer. There are so many shoes on the market wearing high heels, Xiao Bian how can you bear the little fairy by that bitter it, so today Xiaobian give small fairies recommend several super good wear high heels, you sister to pick up Oh!

Pink fine with sexy shallow mouth high heels, suede material, so that the shoes can be more fit the shape of the foot, fashion is also its sexy red background, so beautiful and comfortable shoes are particularly suitable for working sister Oh! High heels is the most impressive is that it is the perfect princess atmosphere, style simple and clear, in the back of the form of hollow to make the nike discount store whole look very sweet and lovely, it is suitable for card wow sister! On the high heels kicked after the remedy! In fact, the method is very simple, with a bottle of nail polish can get it! For different colors of shoes with colorless nail polish carefully coated in the play of the location, until the paint to dry off, your shoes can be the same as the new it!