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How to wear knee boots look good? Try these four kinds of match!

Autumn and winter season, many girls will choose knee boots, because it can reflect the girl's fashion sense, you can also elongate the legs of the lines, and knee boots are also very warm. But the choice of knee boots should also be based on their own style, but also with the knee boots with great stress, to match the fashion sense of clothing to use the heart Oh! This method is more suitable for the legs more fine girls, because if the legs thick, then wear pants and knee boots nike clearance with the buttocks and legs of the fat is more obvious, the legs of the lines are relatively thick, so this method On the leg and thickness requirements are relatively high, thick legs, the best girls or wearing leggings. Can be used with a long section of the jacket can also be used in a long section of the sweater or sweater, and then the lower body with a nude color leggings, it nike shox clearance is very ladies fashion, and with the sweater when there will be a mix of wind feeling, According to their own style with a hat, very design sense.

This is a more conventional method of matching, more fat girls can choose loose pants or loose side of the skirt, but it is important to note that we must choose a short section, you can expose a part of the thigh, so as to be able to lengthen the legs Of the lines, looked relatively thin legs are relatively long, but also very ladies. This method is more fashionable with a sense of fashion, but may not be easy to accept too many people, because the wide leg pants and knee boots with the more personality, so more like this type of girls can try, wide Legs can cover the legs of the fat, boots and wide leg pants mix and match the wind is a sense of design. In addition to knee boots with the outside, the choice of boots is also very important, no matter what length of boots, the most important thing is to choose their own style. Socks boots designed to fit the legs of the lines, and discount nike shoes autumn and winter wear relatively thick, this type of knee boots is not easy to drop tube, you can also modify the legs of the lines, as well as elongated effect. It contains short plush ingredients, can have a good warm effect, but also very good with. The flexibility of the boots is very good, so even if the legs are relatively thick girls can wear, and can be a good modification of the legs, the legs of the fat tightened, there will be no loose feeling. It provides a different height of the heel, and very comfortable, walking time is also very stable, not grinding feet.

Autumn and winter season not only through the knee boots, Chelsea boots are also very easy to match, whether it is good pants or skirts are good to see, but also to modify the leg type, it is very small calf, this boots can match the ladies style clothes can cheap nike shoes also With a little cool clothes, autumn and winter can also do Variety girls Oh! Knee boots with a rough design, walking time is very comfortable, and can modify the legs, but also very high, so it is suitable for short girls, can stretch the legs of the lines. Different colors can be used with different styles of clothes, you can choose according to their own mix Oh!