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Knitted with boots, it is stylish to "mushrooms!"

The sudden drop in temperature announced that black nike shoes we finally entered the winter, your autumn and winter single friends - boots announced! Booties style, with the method nike sale is also more, but also with the drawbacks of dead ends, strayed into the corner how to take are not good-looking! So today, we will compile a quick and simple but also wild boots with Dafa, that is knit + boots! Two extreme colors black and white, do not look at us without any colorful sense of color, but nike clearance was thin, significant texture, sense of superior thanks to the nike air max women two colors. Black and white colors minimalist style high-end foreign, wild not wrong. How to play autumn color war? Such a rule of law is more color, but not cumbersome. Color collision, but not unexpected, Dress up artifact is such a law with. The color of knitwear to choose a great range, because of the furry knit effect, so the color will become gentle and gentle so bright colors will be full of tenderness, and then the choice of shoes, black is the most suitable for such a bright color to wear .

Loose half-high collar bottoming shirt 2017 autumn and winter new long-sleeved sweater, simple atmosphere of the visual sense, revealing the elegance of the woman temperament, graceful yet elegant yet with a new style of connotation. Simple atmospheric cuff design, more prominent female arm, emitting a sexy atmosphere. Handmade, exquisite toe not only simple atmosphere, enhance the comfort of wearing, walking is not tired, the shoes are soft, easy to wear, the classic cross lace, intertwined a different British style. Handsome and handsome lacing Martin boots, always let the simple trend advocating the freedom of the street influx of people love not to mention, three-dimensional full big round, bright shiny patent leather shoes, Block Lock carved nail holes pattern, cold also beautiful !