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Lazy rational fashionable way, spring and summer popular lazy shoes

A spring and summer to pay season, lazy shoes will become the street to beat the influx of people's love, of course, not only because it is soft, breathable, lightweight and comfortable first, but also because the shoes are simple but can change a variety of patterns and Color selection. Both lazy and comfortable, but also comfortable type, who can resist it? White canvas shoes always give a very pure and fresh feeling, in the hot summer with a comfortable bright long skirt or low waist loose denim shorts, are very beautiful Oh, white wild style, who wear who is beautiful The cheap nike air max This is the lazy shoes and lace on the upper design, is fixed, you do not spend time to the Department, but as a decoration, but very chic Oh. Flat-bottomed canvas shoes should be the most in line with the aesthetic of the young MM, the classic black and white, good ride still a little cool feeling, coupled with lined with simple print embellishment, the overall look will not be so monotonous Oh, also There are even the upper body of the trail, Han Fan children full air max of discouraged! The In addition, this shoe soles with high quality plastic design, ultra-light, waterproof, shock absorption, wear and slip resistance is also very good.

Lazy shoes more modern one, popular for four or five years, the upper two-piece design go everywhere are nike trainers covered with a stylish atmosphere; high waterproof platform thick design, elegant round canvas, sequins like There is perspective effect, smooth and delicate upper touch, impressive, is a big tool to attract the eyes. With nine pants, modern fashion. For the canvas shoes, the comfort is certainly already common, and in order to stand out and have to rely on modeling Oh, this thick lazy shoes seem very simple, but it is a very sense of design Oh, the upper two V-shaped Black belt like an arrow, and a bit like a funny beard, the intention to observe, but very interesting Oh ~ the overall shoe with a keen look and feel. A pair of nike factory store low to help waterproof small white shoes, intended to Ching Ming outdoor outing, really super good-looking casual plus wild yo ~ upper full circle simple green lines, and black lines parallel and level with, With a pair of jeans, put on a primer shirt, put on pieces of small leather, should be in this beautiful spring scenery in the beautiful bar. In addition, this pair of small global fresh white shoes from the upper to the soles of the material is very resistant to bending, so you easily and steadily walk. Comfortable breathable inside, soft skin, sweat breathable, able to keep the feet dry and comfortable Oh.

Lace plate shoes from childhood memories, Xiao Bian like this kind of shoes, although the style is very popular, but really can not stand it's easy to wear and wear! This is the most common plate shoes with shorts white T, that is now the best wear. And low to help the design, you should also know how long feet long, how to wear long legs Rely on this pair of shoes ah! Lazy shoes generally refers to the Department of shoelaces, wear off easily suitable for lazy shoes. Summer is always easier and easier, so pure white or black and white is particularly popular. Like this lazy shoe shoes, ergonomic design of the toe, fit the foot type, so that the force of the toes evenly, walking for a long time comfortable not tired; upper light cloth design and white in the light side by side, with nine points Cowboy belt pants, age off the neutral range of children full range.