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Little white shoes dirty how to do? 1 strokes to help you get!

Small white shoes is the most fire the last two years the most wild of the most wild shoes, the basic everyone has a pair, one hundred wear wild, if you have a small white shoes and dirty and yellow trouble, here to teach you a few Small coup, can easily solve the light white shoes slightly dirty yellow trouble first prepared tools, cleaning agents, towels, soft brush, toilet paper. If only part of nike trainers the dirty, then a small amount of detergent with a towel to wipe stains, air max 90 and clean immediately after cleaning. If the shoes as a whole is dirty, put the shoes into the water nike shop with a detergent soaked, wipe with a soft brush carefully, dry immediately after the water, and then filled with toilet paper fixed shoes. Natural dry, to avoid direct sunlight.

Relative to some of the elements into the movement or through continuous improvement to meet the different baby's taste of small white shoes, I believe there is a part of the eyes of the unique sister or like the classic style of small white shoes, such as this reminiscent of fashionable To the classic but also the basic style of small white shoes. nike factory store Shoes slender, very low instep. Shoes attached a special high-level embroidery, and some more interesting. Colorful lace to the whole fashion sense. Sole is a natural compound, no smell, soft and comfortable. The upper hand to help hand to help suture, beautiful atmosphere, are fine living. Using breathable inside, sweat, soft, not grinding feet. Only selected high quality soft leather, durable, comfortable. Non-slip rubber base, flexible. Effective shock, easy to walk. Support lazy foot pedal wear method, arc side buckle chic taste, vacant so that the feet more sexy. High quality PU with ultrafine fiber, coupled with denim skirt and white T. With the lack of beauty of the wear effect of silk dress is the characteristics of this footwear design, the designer will be the classic style of ballet shoes with this clever combination of special satin made, more solid than ordinary silk wear, suede shoes Side showing the old academic style, handsome details of the burr for the classic small white shoes into a new charm. Swept the world's small white shoes, inside and outside the whole leather, high-quality build! A pair of shoes you receive not willing to come back, believe it or not. Wild models, with skirts pants can be.