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Male models fall winter essential section, Martin boots Qi play

Mentioning a typical tough guy image, people first reaction of course is a variety of muscle-type men - after all, is the most direct male hormone symbol. In fact, you want to be a recognized tough guy does not have to "sell meat", a pair of Martin boots can also create iron and steel clank tough figure. Mens winter and autumn models, Martin boots Qi Qi play! Almost every man's shoe will be stored in a pair of "old shiny" Martin boots. It is like an old friend from the memory of the memory, with Boy Scout memories, slowly changes with the trajectory of the host growth changes, and continue to become different ethnic groups and cultural fashion self-expression tool. Round head design, the first layer of leather material, after careful polishing and grinding, comfortable and upright, shiny! In addition to see it on the upper nikes on sale to add a little exquisite decoration, each pin every eye to focus attention, the stainless steel side-pull design, followed by fashion elements, the atmosphere and the concept of simplicity, cheap nike air max reflecting the restrained mature men. Look at its shoes, comfortable stuffy stuff inside the material, thick warm fleece, hand into the very comfortable and warm, nike clearance store you can easily withstand the cold weather.

Its heel is the use of alignment patch pattern, in addition to add nike factory outlet texture logo printing, highlighting the rebellious street and vitality. Note pressure production, seamless overall rubber outsole, carved non-slip design, simple and add color. Matching can wear fanatic street culture enthusiasts must sweater, coat symmetrical pocket button-shaped black cotton jacket, the same color beam pants, with tooling boots, the classic Al Black temptation.