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No best shoes, only the best shoes for you

Outdoor sports can make people feel happy, promote metabolism, enhance physical fitness, cultivate sentiments, can also make friends, broaden their horizons. In recent years, with the increasing pressure of work and study, outdoor activities advocating closeness to nature have become the best choice for people to exercise and relax. More and more people are beginning to join this large group of outdoor sports. In outdoor sports, the importance of hiking shoes no doubt, but in fact a lot of people do not know much about it, began to carry their own outdoor long lines, the consequences can be imagined, not just shoes to be thrown back, soles of the floor with Been tortured as appalling. Because of this, picking a pair of suitable hiking shoes has become crucial. Know thyself, know yourself, if the election shoes as a battle, we must first do is familiar with the characteristics of hiking shoes. Soles. Foot soles mainly with supportive, skid resistance, shock absorption and wear resistance and other functions. The outsole is usually made of rubber material to ensure that the soles with superior wear resistance; midsole is a different hardness of micro-porous rubber or polyurethane material, and the shape is closer to the foot shape, can be evenly distributed when walking on the foot Pressure; insole (insoles) are usually made of foam material, can play a shock-absorbing, comfortable role.

vamp. Vamps shoes with the main safety, waterproof, breathable and wear resistance. Upper usually used pure leather, nylon cloth and small pieces of skin combined with hard plastic resin (used for mountain boots) three kinds of material; inner upper (posted foot layer) is usually synthetic textile cloth climbing series for climbing high altitude Snow-capped mountains; through the series is suitable for walking in more complex terrain long distances; walking series suitable for walking in the relatively gentle terrain a short distance; leisure series suitable for artificial roads, tourist areas to walk; other series is suitable for upstream and in the beach Go up. We mentioned before, there are nike sneakers many different types of hiking shoes, we need to select the right shoes according to their specific needs. Taking into account the particularity of the outdoor environment, the purchase of hiking shoes must pay attention to the material of shoes, such as whether GORE-TEX庐 breathable waterproof membrane and other fabrics, imagine, wearing a pair of wet shoes walking on the road feel? In addition, in the face of different terrain conditions, the choice of high school is especially important.

Low to help light hiking shoes. Due to the softer soles and no lateral support, low-climbing shoes are discount nike shoes generally light and comfortable walking. But low shoes lack the support and protection of the ankle, ankle joints in the face of complex terrain vulnerable. Of course, the most important feature of cheap nikes low-cut shoes is that they are light-weight and relatively low-priced, and are suitable for use in some everyday climbing. Therefore, it is best to wear low-cut shoes for walking on some flat country roads or mountain roads when the load is low . In the help walking shoes or hiking shoes. In the help climbing shoes to wrap up the ankle to reduce the impact on the ankle, you can bend longitudinally to adapt to prolonged walking. Sole design more wear-resistant, more rigid. However, in the case of steep terrain and high loads, it is difficult to provide the support and assistance required for the legs and feet. Therefore, the conditions are not bad on foot, the slope is not too large, not too much weight when supporting climbing shoes is the first choice. All roads lead to Rome, anything is not the only choice. The same is true of the choice of hiking shoes, there is no best shoes, only the most suitable for your shoes. There nike factory outlet are tens of millions of ways and destinations to travel, all in the final analysis in order to gain a happy and satisfied. Therefore, when you choose the way and destination of outdoor travel, just wear the right shoes on the road.