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No cat is so great, do you have a cat with a heel?

Kitten Heelsmdash; cat heels, refers to the height of 3-5 cm tip fine shoes. Because the small and exquisite fine like a kitten tiptoe, so called cat heels each girl's dreams are inseparable from a pair of thin and high hate days high, but the fact that the total difference is not satisfactory, no long practice walking girls wear Hate days high is like a Handan toddler with heels and Hepburn wear another classic fashion single product black dress with a very black! And the elegant index is definitely not ruin days high! Visible temperament is not heel height hold up! Gas field really do not lose high heels! And with high modest, but more dignified, with suit pants or coats, wise professional femininity legislation, and low-heeled design will not make you look too strong, but it is approachable people full of feminine ~ rough with the design convenience Walking very comfortable, slightly v word design elongated the proportion of the legs, autumn and winter will be into the money, in the bloated winter is very eye-catching, the whole person gives a feeling of light a lot of it!

Very sense of a design of a shoe, not high heel and pointed design, retro feeling out, nike free exposed to the foot of the foot of the proportion of elongated, winter is still exposed long legs ~ side zipper design Easy and easy to wear, simple with jeans, whether it is loose or tight, are easy to concave leisure Fan; with autumn and winter pleated nike clearance store skirt, ladies full; with windbreaker and street fashion children, is so wild! Stretch half boots more fit foot type, soft and delicate material, and wild and comfortable, whether it is skirt or pants can easily digest, both warm and elegant wild, gas field diminished! Rivets to join the shoes so cool, who said pointed shoes can not be cool, this is cool nike clearance and nice, and is a wild section, the winter must have a single product, the United nike shoes men States and the United States to walk in the street ~ Into the money, elegant official not gas field, cotton texture is even more feminine, ribbon bow is the overall highlights. In the workplace both beautiful flowers, but also practical home, neither the gas field, but also come in handy wild models!

The lattice section of a bit of British style of the wind, retro elegant and stylish temperament both, with commuter small suit transfiguration style women, with the British wind skirt or a small black skirt turned retro art girl, you want to give you, Not ready to start!