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Paid to buy their own buy? Help the male vote choose pairs of shoes

Many girls buy clothes for shopping, buy shoes with a born love. When the mood is not good, it seems that only buying and buying can bring physical and mental pleasure. However, boys are different, and always feel that buying things is troublesome, even buy a pair of shoes are not carefully selected. Is your male ticket the same? It depends on you to help him find a pair of slightly! Men to work every day, if with a formal dress, then we must wear leather shoes, leather shoes can choose a relatively young style, nike factory outlet with a strap design or some small decorative embellishment style is quite appropriate. Wild and stylish casual shoes is definitely a must go. A pedal is also known as lazy shoes, inexplicably wear kind of random and blame, the upper body with motorcycle jacket and jeans, the feeling of ruffian, handsome! Sports shoes for boys is also very important, after all, many boys love sports, daily fitness, running, playing ball, nike shoes on sale both need a pair of both comfortable and practical, stylish and sneakers.

Cold weather in winter, the shoes can be selected plus velvet thick warm style. Sneakers, leather shoes, plus a suede, the degree of warmth will be doubled. Some men's snow boots are also very popular. Suede cowhide leather corset prominent conspicuous, unique and sophisticated. There are 10 mm wool insole + leather lining insoles, you can freely replace according to their needs. Daily work, with commuter equipment, casual wear is appropriate. Soft goat leather uppers to wear very comfortable, a pedal lazy shoes design, heel can be folded, easy to wear off. Shoe cut simple and more elegant, there are replaceable luxury wool insole + leather insoles insoles, can be worn throughout the year. Uppers is suede cowhide material, which adds a special fluff, warm and comfortable to wear. Wide toe, suitable for most people's foot. Non-slip rubber sole, wear durable, daily running, are not afraid to play skidding.

This is a pair of urban casual style leather casual shoes, breaking the traditional casual shoes point of view, adding trendy design, strap simple atmosphere. Rubber sole is very soft, wear-resistant and non-slip. Plus velvet lining + velvet insoles, warm lock temperature. Version of three-dimensional pedicure, wear it will not be bloated air max bulky feeling. Toe and heel with imitation leather mosaic design, chic and stylish. Special plus velvet inside, winter wear special warmth. Sole with bionic water ripples, non-slip wear. Shoes are kobe shoes hyun black, is the boys favorite cool style. After the popular European double zipper opening design, easy to wear off. Cross metal ring buckle strap, you can freely adjust the elastic. Vamp material soft, clear texture, very stylish. The first layer of leather upper, looks very texture. Martin boots style is very wild, not pick people. Heels and soles are very soft, not tired to wear. Lace + zipper design, both played a decorative role, but also easy to wear off. This is the classic casual street style shoes, very daily is very wild. Although it is white, but the upper is leather, dirt, wear and waterproof, good care. In particular, joined the hygroscopic deodorant insoles, no matter how long wear dry and comfortable.