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Sandals make your feet more indulgent!

Summer hot feeling, so that people have a kind of stripped light impulses, feet are the same, for a long time nausea wrapped in sports shoes, wearing sandals is undoubtedly the best release of the feet. Let your feet indulge in the relaxation of the open, sweating and other annoying little trouble, not to sandals can not. Sandals are the first in the history of mankind in the foot of the supplies, the beginning is only a simple package, the appearance looks like a solid soles tied with a belt or rope, as early as 3500 BC, the Egyptians The wet sand leaves their footprints with knocks and knots of feet and feet, and they are fixed on their feet with raw nike factory outlet leather belts. The beginning of wearing sandals just to make the soles of the feet and rough ground isolation, and later gradually evolved into a wide variety of types of sandals, such as high-heeled sandals, the word with sandals, strap sandals, sandals relatively simple structure, not suitable for running, Driving the car, but as a beach walk, with skirt is a good choice. Foot type of the same lead to the same pair of shoes, different people will have different aesthetic beauty and comfort, so according to their own foot type selection of sandals in the United States on the road farther and farther, often nike running shoes wear shoes do not fit feet Uncomfortable, do exercise will be injured, especially the development of the footsteps are not good, will make the foot deformity or foot bone development is not complete, resulting in obstruction of height growth rate, while wearing a shoe will not accidentally out Donald Duck's pace, and even a lot of girls in the shopping when the bad temper half of the reason is because wearing a pair of shoes do not fit, ahead of the end of the shopping.

This foot type and wide foot of the foot type is different from the foot of the skeleton is very small, but there will be a lot of meat, there is a feeling of baby fat, edema of the body will make the feet look chubby. In the selection of sandals can choose bundled lace sandals, the use of lace to segment the foot, the visual foot so looks relatively thin, remember not too tight Le, not only caused the Michelin tires that visual sense, but also the foot Department of blood circulation is not smooth. Foot skull type: This is a kind of others watched the horror of his feet looked twisted feet, feet inside the big toe position, two protruding large bones always damage the shape of the shoes, the shoes out of another Shape, looks very annoying, wearing sandals will also have to destroy the elegance of the embarrassment. In the choice of sandals can choose both sides of the package, the front of the toe exposed style, such as lace, mesh material sandals, in the degree of extension is better, you can let the varus of the foot does not look very obvious, do not choose metal, , This has a sense of expansion, eye-catching small ornaments to attract others to appreciate the beauty of alternative feet!

Bone feeling type: bone feeling is indeed a beautiful, but too skinny people will have green veins protruding, skinny trouble, so too thin will not buy the appropriate shoes and anxiety, in the choice of sandals can choose Some of the feet decorated with more sandals, such as the accumulation of all black nike shoes floral, bright drill, layers of the volume of a sense of feeling can give a sense of fullness, transfer the attention of others, but also let the feet do not look so thin and thin. Ankle thick type: a lot of people skeleton, resulting in calf and ankle parts look more stout, less feminine beauty, the use of trousers, skirt cover, after all, is not a permanent measure, the face of summer, wearing a short skirt , Shorts more opportunities to use sandals to solve the problem of ankle sturdy can only spend the hot summer, boots sandals can just cover the site of the ankle, it seems cool, so that the ankle to avoid just a good height In, with the sight of others to hide and seek! Feet wide: feet wide people in the face of favorite shoes, the first question to consider is whether they can effortlessly into the shoes, although the size is appropriate, there will still be crowded feet, so cheap nike basketball shoes in the When selecting sandals, you can choose sandals with higher material tightness.