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Short boots put big legs, style type is very important!

Shoes can be described as a woman's life in love, a woman will never dislike their shoes more than a pair. Boots are the best choice for winter shoes, not only with a convenient mix, but also reflects a woman's taste and temperament. Can not be so perfect for the lower crush, wear boots is simply a BUG. Calf too thick, wear extremely bloated. Sad, do not have the perfect calf can not wear boots it? of course not! For the girls of the above problems, it is entirely possible to choose a short boots. Will not appear bloated embarrassment, the feet more slender, highlighting the charm of women. Choose high-quality leather material, for you to create a comfortable and soft boots. Precision tailoring combined with high-quality suture process, making the upper three-dimensional tall and more type. Comfortable height, not the same perspective, showing a charming sense of lines. Featured high-quality first layer of leather, wearing comfortable, easy to care. Fashion square design, elegant retro style Popular side zipper design, easy to wear casual adjustment. 6cm gold comfortable high heel, lebron 13 show tall and straight posture. Made of velvet leather made of the upper, not only cheap nike sneakers for the shoes to add warm more texture, has a good permeability, wearing comfortable, wear-resistant. Fine and neat nike sale sutures make shoes more layered, highlight the elegance of women's fashion taste.

Matte leather upper, carefully selected splicing process. Car line flat and compact, to ensure quality and highlight the beauty. Toe color design, British retro style, simple and elegant design so that shoes are more senior. High quality selection of high-quality matte, nike air max wear-resistant breathable. Toe with a small pointed design, very delicate, small feet. Pig skin inside, put on a good comfort, fit the foot, not hot, comfortable wearing uncomfortable feet. Small revision, more comfortable. Double-edge design, double needle sewing, increase the firmness. Elastic strap design, easy to wear off, the use of Calaiser cord, no deformation, lasting stretch.