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Since the origin of high-heeled shoes design is for men!

Men's air max high heels This is sexy or. High heels are a woman's boots, Stir on the heel, minute gas field open. However, today's high-heeled shoes are no longer women's patents, even though it was not originally designed for women. It is said that the French Sun King Louis XIII short stature, in order to make his height is not so embarrassed, he personally designed to make tall tall artifact - high nike air max heels. In fact, in the 16th century, there was a high-heeled shoe that served men - a high heel of the rear foot was more conducive to nike clearance pedaling the stirrup and was not easy to fall off. Louis XIV shoes for the plain with a red high-heeled, upper also used silk, velvet and other high-grade fabrics, was the heart of the United States was a good boy. Chelsea boots born in equestrian boots because of the band "Beatles" and swept the world, and now the Chelsea boots cut rock rebellious, but also cut the once high heels. Low heel a lot, but still wear handsome Chelsea boots hand handsome charm to catch. High heels are still favored by men. Male stars for fashion, have embarked on high-heeled boots, height is not enough to heel, high heels became a hot fashion items.

When men nike shox clearance wear high heels in order to stand higher, or to fashion style? This re-put on high heels in the end should not wear? Perhaps only to be left with the trend to prove that now dominated by women's high heels. Body is important. High heels, on the other hand, forced women to straighten their biceps, making them more attractive and more slender. After the Second World War, the famous shoes designer Roger Weweier created a stiletto heel, it appears more deeply this function, and make women show "incredible sexy beauty", high heels fanatical hobby Marilyn Monroe once claimed: "Give the girl a pair of shoes, you can conquer the entire world."

High-heeled shoes made of willow nail, sexy thin wear very small and exquisite foot. Willow nail "series of high heels designed for the pursuit of the trend and the constant pursuit of quality women to create. Show beautiful patent leather, which has a breathable quality Microfiber. Has a stronger toughness and breathability. Sole with rubber outsole comfortable arc let you go More stable and not tired. "Simple and elegant style, with a low profile with the popular spring and summer of 18 art style, with two details and hollow design, the overall style to add a touch of romance, the shape is not only delicacy, but also gives people Elegant temperament, with the feeling of infinite charm, put it immediately stretched body type role. "Liu nail" even more unique temperament, can bring you more elegant and moving. Show beautiful patent leather, which has a breathable high-quality microfiber. With more toughness and breathability.