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Small white shoes, thin high-heel are away it, TA this year, the most fire

The weather getting cooler, are you going to take off the summer to bring fresh and now a little cool sandals? Every year is a small white shoes or small high-heeled, this year can point different? Marilyn Monroe once said, "Give girls cheap nike air max a pair of shoes, she can conquer the world." 90 years of all the rage of the cat heel is quietly return, fashionable and tired of it will set off a new round of fashion boom! Cat heels, heel length between 3-5 cm, like the cat slightly tiptoe-like elegance, said to be used to 13 years old girl practicing high heels and was born, so this short heel is not only light and lovely, and Comfort is also high! Luxury and elegant satin glossy upper material, full of texture, elegant pointed design nike factory store set off the foot lines slim cheap nike shoes and elegant, exquisite kitten with comfortable and generous, super-temperament. Featured high-quality sheepskin material, Geli Te shiny shiny dazzling and eye-catching, elegant and delicate pointed design highlights more delicate foot lines, generous and noble.

Elegant glossy trip with a simple suede, look the overall delicate and generous, personality, glass and cats with smooth and delicate, highlight the slim figure, temperament small tip more temperament, very wild. Elegant and delicate kittens with not too good to see, smooth new nike shoes comfort on the foot completely tired, followed by very comfortable will not be fought, personalized strap with exquisite and elegant elegant feminine taste. But also preferred high-quality first layer of leather material, delicate texture and soft breathable, inside the selection of sheepskin material and skin contact more skin-friendly and comfortable, pointed half hollow hollow atmosphere elegant.