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Small white shoes yellow nike outlet online remember do not throw! A moment shoes white

In recent years, the popular white shoes are both trendy lebron 14 and wild to wear, and now the street shot in the magazine, are wearing small white shoes, we can see the extent of its fiery, I believe we are also infected, will store several pairs at home , There is no one with Xiaobian have the same feeling is that a small white shoes wear a long time will be yellow, nike clearance dirty hard to clean, throw it and reluctant to teach you a trick below, the same shoes to clean with the new Bright new nike shoes white. If your little white shoes are cortical, do not soak in water, wipe the shoes before cleaning the dust, and then gently scrub with a brush on the line. Wipe clean and then coated with leather care oil, and then placed in a ventilated place to dry, after drying becomes the same as the new Oh white shoes are also the distinction between the fabric, many people bought thanks to the canvas fabric , So compared to the white leather shoes more difficult to clean, and some even use the brush are not clean, this time you can use the powder to do clean. In particular, just bought a new white shoes, you can apply a layer of talc on the upper powder, which can effectively prevent dust polluting white upper. But remember to shake after use, so as not to walk side of the powder.

Just use a fiber-free dipped Vaseline, then wipe the shoes will find that put some time later, and then clean the cloth with Vaseline erased, the shoe will not only become snow-white, but also the surface will change Was more clean, just like the new buy. These methods can help you quickly clean yellow shoes, and will not cause harm to the shoes. In addition, everyone in the white sand shoes, it is best to use a layer of white paper wrapped in the sun, so that can be a good way to avoid yellowing.