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Sports shoes mesh cleaning shoes control baby baby long knowledge

Mesh sports shoes comfortable, breathable, simple and elegant style, is the movement of the excellent "equipment." Due to the different materials, mesh mesh shoes, shoes can be broken through the brains. As the cleaning method is not right, the net surface sports shoes can not wear long yellow, and then reluctant to how can we have to buy a pair. So, is there a better way to avoid such a problem? Sneakers cleaning method

1, uppers

Remove the shoes and shovels into the basin, the basin is equipped with 2/3 of the water, so that the shoes were soaked in water, and then use the neutral cleaning agent, and then began to wash shoes.

2, soles

First in the shoe brush on the squeeze on the neutral cleaning agent and then brush soles, you can use the toothpick to the soles of the glue in the small stones to pick clean.

3, wash shoes uppers

Brush with a tooth brush, and then brush the net surface, tongue and inside the same scrub.

4, shoelaces

The shoelace to go down the shoelace sticky wash powder, and then rub a rub like.

5, rinse

Repeated cleaning shoes several times, the inside of the dirty water will be washed out of the shoes out of the first heel sponge squeeze the water, and then picked up his arm before and after a few strokes, will be inside a lot of water thrown out like.

6, dry

Wrap the upper with toilet paper and put the shoes on the balcony. Shoelaces choose another place to hang up.

There are dirt on the net surface shoes do not wash how to do?

For the sports shoes mesh, most of the PV mesh, so you can use the old toothbrush stained with water, and then from the inside out brush like.

Soap cleaning method

With a toothbrush dipped in soap on the net screen gently scrub a few times, and then spread with water on the shoes, and finally with the Khan Ning cloth to wipe the shoes in the last way to dry just fine.

Toothpaste cleaning method

With toothpaste dip to the toothbrush, gently brush back and forth on the net surface like, if it is leather high-level mesh shoes, you need to use professional leather cleanser cleaning. Cleaning precautions

1, cleaning can not be a long time soak, so as not to open shoes shoes.

2, in the brush when the net side of the shoes, to avoid using a hard brush or too much force, but can not use nails or weapon damage shoes printed pattern corner parts.

3, after cleaning, must be placed in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight. Prohibited heating or open nike outlet flame drying, so as not to cause shoes aging, open plastic, fade, serious deformation.

4, need a long time to store, should first clean the net surface shoes, dry place after the cool and ventilated place, so that the shoes have enough time to dry, so as to avoid mildew.

5, shoes, idle, it is best to hold up with paper or shoes, so as to avoid serious deformation.