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Summer is coming, sandals also play fashion

Summer hot, in this hot summer, in addition to wifi air conditioning watermelon, there is no good pair of good sandals is simply over the summer ah, this is a lazy essential product, a deduction and then simple, nike sale or need hands, sandals It is not the same, you can take your sandals to travel. Pure handmade sandals, to ensure that, in the case of excellent comfort, can have a very advanced workmanship, meticulous materials, style synchronization on the international trend, is the word, the atmosphere. This pair can be incredible, pearl embellishment so that the entire upper are slowly at the same time but not a trace of exaggerated, hand-woven hemp rope more points a sense of stability, leather soles have breathable, heat, sweat, moisture nike outlet store Four functions, and durable wear, no insects. Retro style has become more and more popular up, lacquer craft plus bronze horseshoe buckle complement each other, inside for the first layer of pigskin, rubber nike store at the end of the light laid the foundation, but did not affect the permeability.

Roman style of the toe style, I believe many people are familiar with, ultra-soft rubber at the end of non-slip wear, always allow you to calmly deal with a variety of fashion style, interpretation of your beauty of the embodiment. Shoes fabric is lychee-shaped first layer of leather, the surface has the original skin lines, very smooth and durable, shoes are hand-beat, a needle needle sewing machine, the quality is absolutely reliable. The design of the word slope, very eye-catching, the first layer of leather to help face, more durable, coupled with the embellishment of the bow, can make the whole upper is not monotonous, color stitching, but now the most popular hit color wind The Calfskin made of magnificent, beef tendon at the end of the anti-skid wear resistance to a higher level, sweet yet personality, enhance the taste is not only a melancholy revolution. Hot plate shoes, if turned into cheap nike shoes a cool sand is what kind of experience? Loose mattress put on very comfortable, leather inside with leather uppers, just do not be too cool, that is, wear that go.