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Summer no sandals, how do you with skirts ah?

For our girls, every season has the corresponding shoes and clothes, I feel really lucky, every season can feel different beauty at the same time meet a different themselves, spring we wear small shoes, then Summer is coming, we are like to release feet, wear sandals, enjoy freedom. A pair of sandals is not just a single product, accompany you through the season long long summer, it is memories, remember childhood often wear jelly sandals, that time my mother always lie to me that this is crystal shoes, now mature, Slowly sandals also add a touch of years of mature atmosphere. I understand that there are many girls still not used to wear open toe sandals, then some of the conservative Baotou style can certainly win your heart, delicate leather fabric, not only soft but very breathable, so that you experience the experience of wearing better, more Suitable for ladies wearing.

The selection of high-quality leather to buy fabrics, comfortable sweat breathable, how long do not have to worry about the deformation of the situation, 7 cm height, just right, walking will not tired feet ankle at a very modern metal pearl decoration, with a nine Pants, just exposed ankle, especially suction eyes. Give me the feeling of first glance nike clearance is elegant and temperament, simple solid color design is very low-key, high-quality help to help the face of leather, delicate and smooth touch instantly capture your heart, three-dimensional texture of the soles, so that the effect of anti-slip more significant. High-quality leather surface of both bright fashion sense, leather fabric very good post-maintenance, as long as new Ankle metal ring, with a modern modern fashion sense, shoes with a thin foot pedicure style, put on after feeling very delicate. I wear fine high-heeled sandals prefer to wear a waterproof platform, which can reduce the front foot of the force, but also can protect the ankle is not injured, high heel heel, but a lot of short personal crush of the gospel, height is not enough, High heels

Baotou shoes in the style of more conservative, suitable for transfer to the quiet girl to wear, fight color design so that shoes are no longer monotonous boring, with the height of the novice can also easily control, it is suitable for a friendship with all the wear, Little woman's taste. Can you wear boots in summer? Is not so you can not think of this world only you can not think, no designer can not do, using the leather feet and net yarn stitching, breathable and comfortable, style is more mature, it is suitable for middle-aged mother wearing. Shoes in the shoe so much, must not be less a pair of sandals, so that you are more cool in summer.