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Summer season, make you beautiful to open the shoes here

As the saying goes, height is not enough, shoes to nike factory store Minato A pair of beautiful shoes, not only to enhance your overall temperament, but also shoulder the task of optimizing the proportion of body, so you quickly have a moving figure. Especially in the summer often need legs, good shoes can be called the summer legs manufacturing machine. But also the best clothes we wear partners. A suitable shoes can make our legs look long and thin, then, what shoes can be perfect to stretch your height ratio, with Xiao Bian together to see it. Pointed shoes called the legs of the first machine, pointed design will lengthen the leg lines, so that the whole person looks particularly slender. Especially fine with pointed shoes, even if only 2cm with, put on the whole person is also special mention gas. In addition, nude color shoes look leg length principle is that it and the skin color close to the leg, elongated leg lines. Like the rainbow in the same color, the feet of the beautiful slim pointed high heels are very women, sexy and charming basic models Oh! With pants and skirts are very out of color. In the middle to make the legs become thin and long, the width is also more moderate. Pointed high heels high from Needless to say, nude color shoes are very skin color, white. With a dress or jeans are good.

T-shaped sandals lengthen the principle of leg lines and pointed shoes almost, because the T-line vertical lines and legs just connected together, coupled with ultra-simple design, even the flat shoes, can also achieve the long legs function , High-heel, not to mention the. Simple to the T-shaped sandals, in your feet around a circle of stones, where are bulingbuling, as a woman, how can withstand the temptation of drilling! Sweet princess Fan shoes, sexy and beautiful, full of feminine, yet sweet. Sweet and shiny pearl, as if to wear it, you can become a beautiful princess. This two years of hot shoes, it has a band on the back of the upper, with the most simple design and color to defeat all the complex style. Because the width of the upper and lace are particularly narrow, looks delicate and elegant, large area of ??bare feet in the visual extension of the legs, is absolutely the little sister's gospel. Compared with the rough with the smooth, fine with more sexy slim, even if not often wear, but also into a pair, even if only one day, but also happy (pain and happy).

Simple and generous, super nike shox clearance cute rabbit heel, 5 cm with high, girls can accept the height of Oh ~ thick with the design, so that you take every step are more women a lovely side, not easy to slip Oh. Ballet shoes become a classic shoes, not only by the beauty and strength. In addition to comfortable and easy to wear wild, its design will make the feet look particularly delicate and delicate. Exposing the ankle, will make the whole look more slender. The design of the ballet shoes, the upper just just lower than the ankle, so it is more than a lot of sports shoes Le Fu shoes will make the legs look slender. Ballet shoes themselves have a kind of elegant temperament, nike free a small shoe lining your feet will be very delicate. Plus the bow of the red ballet shoes, wear on the feet to make you like a dancing wizard. Even if there is no ballet dancer's light and beautiful, but also could not help but wear this pair of shoes. Pink upper, satin texture of the strap, imposed on the feet, as if placed in the middle of the dance floor, and you just nike shop that dancing children.