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Summer shoes, with the first nike running shoes fashionable

The weather is getting hot, a lot of beauty of the little fairy has been ahead of the summer, into the exposed leg mode! But whether it is wearing nine points pants exposed ankle, or wear shorts exposed white tender thighs, you can not ignore the care with the machine, this time you must not lack a stylish shoes to add the overall fashion sense ~ tied With the elements of the past two years to no friends, because of its fairy, by the sister's favorite, from clothing, shoes to bags are everywhere. So this summer you must not lack a pair of strap sandals, if you do not like too cumbersome strap design, you can choose a word with sandals, simple and capable, with handsome suit pants, jeans or wide leg pants can add one Share Xianqi ~ of course there are many girls love wrapped around the details of the sense of wrapping, this nike sale style is used with the most suitable for the fairy dress, but it! This pair of sandals to wear feet, so that you are very easy to the upper petals on the vase is very three-dimensional exquisite, ankle strap tassel super elegant, casual with any summer, can instantly stretch the leg ratio. Do not look at people with high, foot feeling hin comfortable, completely tired feet Oh!

This two-year hot metal buckle elements, decorated in the traditional small shoes uppers, filled with Bohemian wind and simple modern geometric wind clever balance, leisure with a trace of fine. Simple side buckle style is very wild do not pick people, there nike factory store are more personalized style, add sequins, thick bottom, rivets and other elements, retro and modern, so you feel the charm of modern design! Although it is flat shoes right, but we have to break the flat shoes monotonous of this argument, you see this pair of small black flat, which monotonous? Soft black calfskin design on the belt decoration, and a reasonable mosaic with small rivets, neutral wind, handsome no friends! Fashionable single product, with a lazy leisure atmosphere, coupled with this year's hot cortex and satin models, for the Muhr shoes add a lot of new ideas, but also favored. Personality of the small sandals, let you walk with their own gas field! Barefoot + ankle buckle + rivets decoration, are destined to this shoe is different ~ effective lengthening leg lines, Roman Gladiator shoes look a little punk wind, the streets are your most fashionable!

Flat sandals, is everyone can Hold the wild single product, with more and more sister like a comfortable foot feeling, flat sandals is still the summer hot summer fashion goods. In the hot summer, you can choose the neutral wind full of words or fairies models, they can be perfect CP all your clothes in the closet of a single product, so enhance the type of grid and really wear shoes you have to be fast Get it! Rome flat sandals, shoes printed with triangular rhythm of the pattern, the foot is very texture, foot feeling super soft, no longer take more nike shop tired. As a beach shoes or go out shopping are ultra-suitable, can be casual temperament ~ so do not hold the boring black and white gray, from the feet of the United States shoes ~ small white shoes, small shoes and small shoes have been A bit rotten big street, and for you to recommend the most romantic soft pink shoes, it not only for your shape to add freshness, but also let you go peach flowers Oh ~