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Throwing stinky shoes to start this pair get your stylish year

White shoes with rubber soles, high wear resistance, since the 80's became popular. Today, with the design of thick heel height, change the shoe ring, creating a new visual effect A pair of white shoes The most important thing is to maintain its cleanliness, dazzling wild shoes, can be said that the type of male shoe First choice! Casual shoes full of white, whether it is with the jacket, T-shirt and jeans mix and match, or leather, wool caps for the fit pants models, can become the focus of the overall eye-catching. Retro fashion design has always been an unbeaten element of fashion trends. Retro running shoes of the more slender body, suitable for all kinds of people. Put it on, you can immediately see the effect of modified leg length, and feel free to wear a pair of jeans can look stylish! Sneakers is not only when the sports can be put on, casual wear on weekdays, mix and match jeans, lightweight air max material shorts is a good choice!

As leather shoes with leather material, the relative will be more durable than cloth shoes. Whether formal occasions can be mixed with suits, casual wear can also be used with shorts for change. Quarter-length suit pants reveal ankles, can increase the overall ratio, enhance slender visual effects. Foot full of glossy leather shoes, but also set off its perfect gentleman texture. Carrefour shoes is a non-shoelaces, and easy to wear off shoes, features from the saddle on both sides across the upper leather belt, or add simple design rich metal buckle. Both simple and easy to wear the formal dress should be organized, walking in the casual and formal margins, Europe and the United States is an important shoe in the men's shoe. Carrefour shoes and other shoes the biggest difference is that it does not have the constraints of shoelaces, new nike shoes easy to wear out, you can immediately go out. Suit jacket and jeans take the leisure atmosphere, reflex pants, revealing a little instep, even more overall sense of hierarchy. Choose a suit jacket, the biggest focus is to pay attention to the overall fit, fit shoulder line, suit degrees and neat trim the car side, to allow the body hold up, let the upper body more worth seeing, mix and match shorts, earth color Loose shoes, to create a yuppie will type LOOK male!

One of the most nike clearance prominent features of Oxford shoes is the closed flaps, which are the side wings that extend forward to form part of the upper. When tied with a shoelace, the shoe wings meet to form an entire shoe upper, Of the shoes and contours, is absolutely zero NG gentleman's shoes preferred. To blue as the background, with different materials to piece together a sense of leisure style will feel. Dressed in linen suit jacket, blue knit tops, stiff material jeans, accompanied by caramel color gradient Oxford shoes, and plastic frame nike free run glasses, mix and match good "blue" people scroll flavor. Derby shoes is an open-style flaps style shoes, the biggest difference with the Oxford shoes is to tie the shoe above the shoe upper, the last tail of the Derby shoe wing and not connected with the tongue, two-stage shoes Surface design. Derby shoes both formal and casual wear outfit, jump color plaid shorts mix and match comfort and high flexibility Derby shoes, let the lower body more worth seeing.