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To double casual shoes, go out of autumn it

Since spring there is a spring, autumn should have a fall, do not see the scope of the universal autumn is not riding a spring wide, but also quite some flavor in which, even, must be careful, then the forest is full of gold, may not lose Flowers blossoming colorful. So, and so on, and quickly prepare a pair of casual shoes go out, while the autumn is thick. Since the socks shoes are wearing stars after the red, then transformed, became a burst, the streets, everywhere, swept the degree, has been unable to use simple words to describe. Think about it can be understood, easy to be able to concave big sense of the shoes, who do not like? Generally speaking, the woman's hair fluffy things are generally no resistance, may be born in the blood of the obsession at the trouble, encountered no way to move children, is simply ordered the number of robbery, so even the kobe shoes feet Do not let go, can not cover the entire uppers, do not mention more suction eyes. In addition to fur, shoes, there is another way to suction eye, sequins. Yes, compared to the clothing class, shoes in the use of sequins seem to have more say, different from the fish-like rough big sequins, fine small sequins advantage is quite obvious, do not say, just composition to win a big cut.

And then straightforward, you can win by color. With the process of making shoes more sophisticated, any unique color can be processed out of bright red to bright and no exception, walking in the golden grass, is definitely a beautiful landscape. Do not like the blatant woman do not blindly pursue eye-catching effect, and on the shoes, in addition to the existence of a variety of fancy, there are leisure and leisure for the existence of such as light running shoes, although the appearance of inconspicuous, but with unparalleled comfort degree. There is also a kind of shoes, called vulcanized canvas shoes, neither take the publicity of nike store the suction line, nor is it to take the restrained leisure route, but take the middle of the two values, walking both eye and leisure routes, do not want the limelight and unwilling In too ordinary woman may wish to try, literary Fan children bursting. Of course, even cheap nike sneakers so, must also be admitted that the highest frequency of daily shoes is none other than wild, and only wild nike discount store models. Take this single shoes for example, highlight the characteristics of leather