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What does Mary Jane shoes mean? How does Mary Jane shoes match?

Fire a century of shoes, you do not even know it called Mary Jane? Do not want to wear toe sandals in the summer, then choose this pair of Mary Jane shoes, more stylish, take you into the fairytale world of retro dreams.

The word arie Jane Shoes?dates back to 1902 when the United States had a well-known comic uster Brown?and the protagonist called Mary Jane, and she would wear cute pair of lace-up ball-nosed shoes no matter where she went. It was named Mary Jane.

Sure enough, this shoe set off in the 40s and 60s of the last century was not a small fashion trend. Even today, I believe that few people dare to say that they didn't go through such round shoes in their growth process!

So how does the pair of Mary Jane shoes that came out of this fairy tale look good?

Mary Jane shoes with dress

Generous new nike shoes lady's Mary Jane shoes with floral dress, more retro style. There is no retro name, but it can comfort your retro heart.

Many people believe that wearing this shoe deserves an innocent face. In fact, after a century of evolution, its style has become more nike clearance store diverse. No matter what your personality or style, you nike free 5.0 can wear it.

Elegant white waist dress with red Mary Jane shoes, eye-catching yet childlike.

The noble burgundy Mary Jane shoes, using soft and reflective suede texture, injected more mature women's charm.

Mary Jane Shoes with Skirt

With the advance of fashion, Mary Jane shoes is not the same style that year, this mosaic personality also has a bit of British flavor.

The bohemian-inspired suede skirt with Mari Jane shoes and chiffon blouses have a courtier flavor.

Mary Jane shoes with a tight pencil skirt, noble and elegant sense of women can not stop blocking, no wonder the goddess Audrey Hepburn so love this pair of shoes.

Mary Jane shoes with straight pants

British Plaid and Mary Jane shoes, handsome and innocent combination, a variety of styles, so the return of Mary Jane shoes nike shop is not just because of retro.