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What is going to work, is a topic worthy of study ~

I believe a lot of small partners to work to wear what, will feel very headaches. why? You said that wearing a nike free run little casual, impressive impression is particularly casually, other people Fortunately, if the boss encountered, it is sure to let you into the small black room calm; dressed too formal Well, one is uncomfortable, and people feel Especially grand, do not say that you want to go to the wedding ~ so what to wear, is indeed a worthy topic. The most simple is the white T with the lower body with a gray nine points trousers, plus a pair of shoes, walking between leisure and formal, suitable for many people's dress requirements. Of course, the choice of color can be a little more, in addition to white, the other colors can also be an alternative, in the selection as far as possible to pure T-based, look more clean and tidy, to avoid the fancy pattern, it's the best. However, because the T-shirt fabric is relatively soft, there is no good body, then you can not wear out the satisfactory results, so the white shirt has become the first choice. Single wear, then, do not need to choose too stiff on the fabric, put on the natural-based, and loose to control the good, so that it is natural atmosphere.

In addition to conventional nike outlet shirts, like some Oxford shirt is also a good choice, this shirt will be cheap nike shoes more sexy sense of leisure, shoes and nike factory outlet shoes to bring serious sense, more approachable. I do not know if we have found that many people will choose shoes in the work of shoes. Shoes look more formal, giving a more mature and stable feeling. The advantages are obvious, but the shortcomings are also many. First shoe soles will be relatively hard, long time with the use of discomfort. Second, if after get off work, need to participate in the meeting between friends, wearing shoes will appear to be cautious? After all, are now small fresh meat in power, do not say what uncle Fan, those who are tickets uncle, like us every day to chop hand to live, or to dressed up their youthful vigor it. This time a lot of small partners will say, shoes I really do not love to wear, and now everywhere are wearing sneaker, a variety of shapes, and comfort is simply the difference between heaven and earth, I wear a day of shoes Estimated to be fried. However, it is said that if you wear a pair of sports shoes, it may seem too casual. Because the design of sports shoes is to exercise, met usually party, party or dating such a semi-formal activities, people will feel do not attach importance to, in order to avoid such a situation, sports shoes or bad.

Then whether there is a pair of shoes can have a perfect footwear shoes sense, but also take into account the mature atmosphere of the shoes, the most important value but also online. This is like a very difficult, originally this is a bear's paw and fish problems.