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What kind of shoes with rigorous business wear can stand out?

Designers in the fashion industry in recent years have some "swords to go", as one of the weapon that can break boring, the shape of "chic" boots is our goal this time, what kind of shoes with rigorous business wear to come to the fore What? Is it not beautiful to wear a strict professional wear? Miss Sister can not agree with this statement, take this year's fire Plaid, how to wear beautiful, ah, full of thick English British Fan range of temperament is said! Women mostly like to wear boots in the street, but it is difficult to make breakthroughs in the design of boots. Changing the material of the fabric and adding straps and gussets are basic options. However, most people can't dare to use knives on the heel! Because of this, the grey lined trousers and the grey padded LOOK can make a breakthrough.

This kind of boots without boots is really hard to wear, and it's not a good idea for the baby to wear bad shoes, but the leggings design of nike factory outlet this boots is nike store another bright spot. The leather and checkered skirt that clings to the calf curve. A sense of high fashion is revealed, especially when the fabric of this skirt is shiny and has a drape. Gray nike trainers checkered red and green lines outline the checkering a bit inexplicable naughty, loose, a bit like a breeches Plaid pants coupled with hard boots, there are some small rivets on the boots, really is the year Europeans hunt When is the costume? ! Soft leather boots with cheap nike basketball shoes folds are very basic. Every year, many similar models are placed on the shoe rack. This LOOK can be said to be a very good match. The only place where color is painted is in a checkered suit. The sequined sweater reveals this point of detail.