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Why do not you wear someone else's shoes? In addition to the body, you should also pay attention to these points

Autumn season is the best time to wear boots, I believe that love the girls are nike store very fashionable love boots it. But have you found the problem? Many times to wear boots feel that they are very handsome, very type, but the reality is the opposite, put on the boots but will be a nike sale little fashion, and even lead to poor proportion of counter-effect. In fact, want to avoid wearing short boots short legs thick problem, the most important way to wear the secret is how to avoid the proportion of calves cut by the problem of boots.

Usually Xiaobian said the most choice of how to choose the boots, they will teach you to choose high-heeled or pointed two, but in color, boots mouth design, and even the overall wear are effective to change the visual sense. Want to like the fashion week of the street to shoot the same tide like a fashion personality and the proportion of ultra-perfect, then it should continue to look down slightly. After wearing boots, we all feel in the eyes of others should be very type of fishes, but after wearing a short leg after the boots but look more stout, a little fashion sense is not. In fact, even 100% single product imitation, with the same clothing, in the choice of shoes will have a great difference, or the same person will be because of different ways to match, showing a different effect. Choose the boots, the lower body of the clothing and feet at the foot of the boots is best with the same color or with the color match, or too much color between the invisible or the color does not take, will slender legs alive and cut off several paragraphs. There is the safest way, if you want to show about your legs, you can choose a pair of boots with similar color is also possible! There is also a match with more difficult, such as the following match. Wear special bright shoes but clothing and no similar color, this time to accessories to rescue, such as: earrings, hats, bags to do the call shape is complete, between a single product will not be abrupt. Difficulty and then a little bigger, playing hit the color, then, like the following model of the model, red with blue, yellow with red with this, the other colors will be more simple and better, like black and white gray and easy lining. Or too much color to wear like a Christmas tree friends

The boots have been very short legs, if coupled with flat, that the effect is really drunk lebron 14 out. The whole is how to wear high, choose to pull the proportion of the shoes is the right direction, as well as the tip of the cheap nike air max shoe type, in the visual effect will be extended, will be able to make up for short legs shortcomings. Boots there is a problem, that is, ordinary style boots are flat boots mouth, in fact, flat boots mouth in the visual section is easy to leg, but want to elongate visual sense, deep V boots can help you solve the problem. Deep V can reveal the instep, so that the legs have secretly long effect, in fact, like the V collar to see the neck longer, the reason is the same. Sometimes, wear short boots short legs are not necessarily in the shorts on the body, there may be clothing with a problem. Like the left Tang Yi Xin such a match, because the pleated skirt and boots are easy to significantly short items, wearing a high waist must be pulled, and the upper body is not recommended to wear such a flower within the ride, this will make the visual pressure. The right model on the model on the right, at first glance neat, clothes pendulum also into the skirt, especially the legs long. Exposed skin area was thin, significantly higher proportion of the overall wear is also very important, but so do not apply to the north of the girl, the South girl official time, after some days cool, so wear away.

To create a "wide on the narrow" level of feeling, with boots, the first show legs long, the second cover was slightly weakened lower body volume, even more thin! High waist pants with boots is cool to no friends, nine minutes of the length of the shoe can see the most thin legs, the ratio is good to say nothing, within the exposed waist or direct white T are unique fashion Fan. This trick must be a small focus. Summer dress do not put in the closet Oh, especially the high waist dress, plus pieces of jacket or you can continue to wear the United States and the United States, the sandals into boots, turned fashionable autumn style boots with a dress, The only point is to avoid color messy. So, no matter how black and white boots are preferred. As for how to judge is black or white or other colors of the boots, just look at the large area of ??print dress up to what color can determine what color with a short boots.