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Why star wear high heels is not tired? Is there a secret? still is

Carefully you will find a lot of stars are wearing high heels, especially love wearing high heels. I do not know if there is such a doubt. Why nike store star wear high heels is not tired? Is there a secret? still is? High heels comprehensive interpretation of the perfect temperament of women, high fashion shoes fashion fashion dress up the secret weapon, put on high heels do not set off the charm of women can also make the body more advanced body tall and so on. So how to wear high-heeled new feet will not tired? Xiaobian you want to wear shoes to wear tired, the election is very important to the height! How to choose their own heel height, we can measure it. Sitting on a chair, raising a leg parallel to the ground, feet naturally placed.

At this point, measure the heel to the foot of the horizontal distance nike clearance of the foot, which is suitable for your feet the best heel height. Just started wearing high heels of girls, you can start from the lower heel shoes to try, from about 4cm low heels gradually increased, usually around 6-8cm heel is the most comfortable with high. In addition to the height, the width of the foot of the shoe is also an important factor in determining the comfort, try to choose the width of the foot in more than 3cm shoes, and less than 2.5cm shoes will increase the risk of foot sprain. Although hate days high wear comes with queen gas nike trainers field, but ordinary people still do not try, bow bent over, even if the professional model is also difficult to maintain balance.

If the height of the heel is the same, give priority to the waterproof shoes, this will reduce the pressure of the arch, can better protect our feet. Select the shoes, may wish to try on the feet, go a few times you can find what kind of height is more suitable for their own. Fine shoes elegant and elegant, is the first choice for many girls. Can be comfortable, fine shoes are not so cute. Heel force area is too small, will undoubtedly increase the burden of the foot, coarse heels scattered feet heel pressure, walking more easily, for those who can not challenge high-heeled girls, may wish to start with a pair of rough with Shoes began to wear. Wear high heels to walk, try to focus on the heel, heel landing, the gradual gradual transition to the soles of the feet. Walking must nike running shoes keep the body straight, move before the toes, ankles and knees into a line. Do not have chest hump, bending knees to walk, all the power concentrated in the feet, can not walk long, the feet will be painful uncomfortable. High heels look good, can not wear every day Oh ~ the best and flat shoes, low heels alternate wear. With age, heel height should be gradually reduced, otherwise it will cause damage to the spine.